The Finals Patch Notes December 2023 – Changelog, Release Date, Platforms

The Finals Patch Notes: Are you looking for the Latest patch notes for The Finals game? If yes then you are at the right place. The latest patch for the finals game will be released in the upcoming month of December. Which will come with plenty of changes, various improvements, bug fixes, and various optimizations. Patch notes for The Final’s latest December 2023 patch are available below with a complete changelog. You will find all the information below in the post.

The finals are the most awaited upcoming first-person shooter online multiplayer game in which the main highlights are team battles. Every team-based match takes place on different maps which are environmentally destructed. Also, these different maps will serve as a plus advantage. The Finals is developed and published by Embark Studios.

The Finals Patch Notes
The Finals Patch Notes

The Final’s early and latest open beta versions are available to be played on the following popular platforms.

  • PlayStation 5
  • Xbox Series X and Series S
  • Microsoft Windows

For now, the open beta program for the finals is available on the following platforms but with future updates and upcoming patches, it will be released on other platforms too.

The mentioned finals’ patch notes are all provided by the official The Finals developers.

The Finals Patch Notes the December 2023 Release Date

Are you confused about when the beta releases will open or the date of the latest patch releases, etc Then your doubts will be cleared after reading this section.

  • The first closed beta of the finals was available from 7-21 March 2023.
  • The second closed beta of the finals was available from 14-21 July 2023.
  • The most awaited upcoming open beta of the finals is live from 26 October to 5 December.

These are the complete release dates for the latest The Finals closed and open beta release builds.

The Finals Patch Notes December 2023

This is the complete changelog for the latest December patch update. These patch notes will provide you with complete information about the latest patch release for The Finals. After reading you can explore the new features as well as decide whether you should update to the latest patch or not.

The Finals Patch Notes 2023

The addition of a new platform

  • The finals will be available on Steam, so you can enjoy it on Steam as well.
  • Now you can be able to play The Final’s latest patch on the Xbox series X and Series S as well as the PlayStation 5.

Additions in-game

  • The all-new Skyway stadium will be added which will be helpful for the players in testing their skills as well as improving them.
  • Monaco: The Monaco map is also in the new additions, in which the player has to play in areas with cobble-type stones that will also be helpful in closed-quarter combat rights.
  • Seoul: This map contains building tops of skyscrapers in downtown Seoul, which makes this map somewhat harder than the other maps. You have to make sure that you don’t fall during the fight.
  • Changes in game modes: (Bank-it ) This game is newly added in the finals, up to four teams containing 3 players each can battle. These team battles in the game can easily help you earn coins. While the team with the most earned cash will win.
  • Ranked tournament: The ranked tournament is a good cash-out mode. In which the four teams containing 3 players each combats with each other.
  • Graphics Settings: So many optimizations are made which will improve the medium and low graphics appearance. These changes are noticeable during gameplay.

Changes in Controls:

  • The irritating bounding issue of mice 4 and 5 is now fixed in this latest December update
  • Also, the issue prevents the unbinding of duplicate buttons.

User interface fixes:

  • New offers timers in store which having issues of not updating in real-time.
  • The store purchase notification issue is now fixed which doesn’t get removed even after the completion of the purchase.
The Finals Patch Notes
The Finals Patch Notes


In this post, we have covered the latest finals patch notes for December 2023. All the changes in the update which include the optimizations, improvements, changes and various new editions are mentioned above in the changelog. Currently, only the finals game closed beta was available and only that was available for testing purposes. Which contains various bugs. But after getting various patch updates it has now become stable and its open beta version for the public is now available for which the dates are all mentioned above. In December you will get the stable release builds for which the information will be updated here.

If you find any problem in understanding something in the above content then you can easily drop the issue in the comments below to get further support. Thank you

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