Free Fire Upcoming Events in India 2023 – Updates, Rewards

Garena Free Fire Upcoming Events 2023: free fire announced upcoming weekly calendar updates, gun skins, bundles, emotes & more information.

Garena Free Fire is one of the most popular online Android and iOS devices in battle royale games around the world. Big fans around the world are making this game as it is today.

Garena always seeks to provide players with the best possible gaming experience. A new volume, Free Fire, is coming soon. This volume will be available at this week’s Faded Wheel event.

In this article, I’m going to discuss free for all upcoming Updates, rewards, top-ups, new gun skins, elite pass updates with many more. Stay connected with us & you will get all updates and information about Free fire’s upcoming events.

Upcoming events and updates from Garena Free Fire in India

The new major updates bring a lot of new stuff, including today’s Season 7 release, Pet Rumble, changes to the Clash Squad, new gameplay features, and multiple optimizations.

Garena Free Fire is constantly announcing new updates. However, the introduction of Free Fire Max was announced earlier. Free Fire MAX has many aspects that are far superior to Free Fire. This completes the registration process. Garena Free Fire MAX is now available for purchase on the Play Store. Take a look at the Free Fire MAX event calendar.

Here we have listed all free fire upcoming events with their release date, if you are a YouTuber or a Free fire player you can check all updates and information below.

Free Fire Upcoming Events & Updates in India 2022

Now I’m going to discuss free fire upcoming events and Updates that will come shortly in-game on Free Fire.

#1. Free Fire March 2023 Update: OB39 update

Free Upcoming updates OB39 shortly arrived in-game on Wednesday, March 22 from 1:00 am. With his update there are lots of changes held in the game, here we have mentioned some of them.

  • The character and pet mechanics will be changed.
  • Players can get any of the characters using gold.
  • The characters and pets will come with their maximum label. We don’t need to update them after purchasing.
  • Now, Players can change their characters instantly and also their skills.
  • Now, You can change up to 5 preset combos here, including character appearance, character skills, pet skills, and equipment.
  • Players can hide their pets during the game. 

#2. Free Fire Season 3 Booyah Pass

The Season 3 Booyah Pass will be launched on the first day of March 2023. The pre-ordering process might start two days before the release. Season 3 Booyah Pass will be available for the entire month and after the end, a new Booyah pass will be launched.

#2. Garena Free Fire BTS Crystal on Moco Store

With the season of Free Fire OB33 update, The Developer of Garena has come up with another exciting event called, free fire moco store, on this event, there were various amazing and exciting new items arrived on this store.

TS Crystal on Moco Store

The event has started on 26th March 2022, players can get various items from this moco store event like BTS crystal, Mister sweetheart bundle, Missy sweetheart bundle, Stormbringer gloo wall skin Thrash Metallic Gloo wall skin with various gun skins.


Grand Prizes

  • BTS Crystal
  • Mister Sweetheart Bundle
  • Missy Sweetheart Bundle
  • Stormbringer Gloo Wall Skin
  • Thrash Metallic Gloo Wall Skin
  • Hysteria Gloo Wall Skin

Bonus Prizes

  • VSS- Rapper Underworld Gun skin
  • Kar98K- Rebal Acadamy
  • MP5 Pink- Devil Academy
  • Name Change Card
  • Yin and Yang Backpack
  • Challenge On Emote

You can get complete details about this free fire upcoming event from below.

Read complete details: Garena Free Fire BTS Crystal on Moco Store

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#3. Garena Free Fire Hurricane Royale Event

This 2022 Garena free fire hurricane royale event will release on 12 February 2022 on the luck royale. The event will come with various rewards like Brassy Core Gloo Wall Skin, Thunder Electro Fighter Bundle, Cyclone Skater Emote, Destiny Guardian Backpack with many more.

The event will available only for 7 days, you can check the complete details about this free fire next event from below.

Get complete info about Garena Free Fire Hurricane Royale Event.

#4. Free Fire OB33 Update

The upcoming OB33 update of Free Fire (FF) will be released this March 2022. With this new update, there were a lot of changes will include in the game.

The Free Fire Upcoming OB33 update will arrive after ending OB33 update at March 2022. As per the leaks the update will available on March 23, 2022 at 5:30 P.M.

On this free fire next update there were lot’s of features will be added in-game, You can check all of the Information about Free Fire Upcoming OB33 Update from below link.

Check Complete Details: “Free Fire OB33 Update, Features, Release Date

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#5. Free Fire Valentine’s Wish Event 2022

This Valentine’s, Garwna Free Fire Comes with another upcoming event, Called ” Free Fire Valentine’s Wish Event”. With this new event in free fire there was various rewards.

Free Fire Valentine's Wish Event

Free fire Valentine’s wish event will release on February 7, 2021 and will continue till February 13, 2022.

#6. Free Fire Golden Shade Bundle Return in Mystical Master Event

Free fire next event was Mystical Master Event. In this event there was a lot’s of rewards and items are available to purchase like, Golden shade bundle, Navy Shade bundle, Phantom Samurai Bundle, Evolution stone, gun creates, with many more rewards.

This new mystical master event golden shade bundles has been arrived from 8th January 2022 and the event available for 30 days to purchase on free fire incubator luck royel. The event will be expire on 8th February 2022.

Get more about: Free Fire Golden Shade Bundle – Mystical Master Event

#7. Free Fire Element M1887 Gun Skin Update

There was M1887 gun skin will be available on Free fire upcoming events. The Element have a unique kill effects with dubble rate of fire, it also can provide an extra single range ability.

The Element M1887 event started in Free Fire from 6 January 2022 and it’s will close on 13th January 2022. Players need to make spins using diamonds and collect the needed number of Legends Commemoratives to earn packets, other cosmetics, and M1887 Element.

A single spin costs 20, and while the pack of five will set them back by 90 diamonds.

Get Complete Info about: “Free Fire Element M1887 Gun Skin”

#8. Free Fire Next Diamond Royale Bundle

In this Free Fire OB32 Update, Garena comes with another most exiting diamonds royale bundle, “Dawnlit Hitman Bundle” on this January 21.

Logopit 1642509229293

In this free fire upcoming event, the Diamond Royale Bundle will available on 21 January 2022, Players can claim this bundle with Diamonds Royale Voucher coupons easily.

#9. Free Fire’s New Gold Royale Bundles

There was a new outfit Bundles “BLUESILK ROYALTY BUNDLE” are coming on free fire gold royel. This will arrive on 21 January 2022 after OB32 Update on Garena free fire.

Exited Players can get this female bundle on 21 January 2022 at 12:00 AM, we have shared a complete information about this upcoming gold royale bundle, you can check it from below.

Complete Info: Free Fire Next Gold Royale Bundle Updates

#10. Free Fire New Age Event Calendar

There was new Upcoming event will release on December 17, 2021 “Free Fire New Age Event Calendar“. After the end of the ongoing Free Fire x Money Heist collaboration event and will end on January 9, 2022. The New Age Event will have peak day on January 1, 2022.

Free Fire New Age Event

Players can get exiting rewards with this upcoming free fire new age event 2021-22 ie. Male Bundle’s, Yati Pet, Surf Board Skin, Gun Skins, Grenade Skin with many more. You can check a complete information about this free fire upcoming event,

Check : Free Fire New Age Event Calendar, Updates, Rewards, Time Schedule

#11. Free Fire New Evo Gun Skin

Free Fire game is one of the most populated games in our country. This season free fire will introduce a new Evo gun skin “M4A1” with new special Abilities and attributes. This upcoming Evo gun have Dubble rate of fire(++) with single damage (+) and also a double movement speed (-).

Check complete details about: Fee Fire Upcoming EVO Gun M4A1 Updates

This is completely new Evo gun on free fire, players can update it like other Evo gun lvl 1 to lvl 7. It’s have also a special emote on lvl 7.

#12. Free Fire Plan Bermuda Event Celender

There was another upcoming events was coming in free fire after the OB31 Update, that was “Free Fire Plan Bermuda Event Celender” player’s can get various rewards from this event, like On skin, Custom room card, car skin, backpack skins and more.

Free Fire Plan Bermuda Event Calender
Free Fire Upcoming Event – Plan Bermuda Event Celender

Highlights and Event Schedule

  • Plan Bermuda: Raid & Run (December 3 to December 14)
  • Aftermatch Drop x3 (December 3 to December 14)
  • Let’s Plan Again Web Event (December 4 to December 14)
  • Collect Bank Notes (December 5 to December 14)
  • Login for Rewards (December 7 to December 14)
  • Play to get LCDP Surfboard (December 11)
  • Login Now! (December 11)
  • Get the LCDP Sportscar (December 11 to December 14)
  • Play Money Heist Mode (December 11 to December 14)
  • Booyah Run! (December 11 to December 16)

Get Complete info on: Free Fire Plan Bermuda Event Celender

#13. Bone Feed, Master Warlord Bundle on Free Fire Faded Wheel

Free fire will release his Upcoming The faded wheel update, In this faded wheel there was 2 new grand prize are available to purchase.

Bone Fist event on Free Fire Faded Wheel
Free fire upcoming faded wheel update

This event will arrive on 27th November 2021 and these will end on 3rd December 2021. Players can purchase Bone Fist and Masked Warlord Bundle’s and other exclusive rewards from this upcoming event.

#17. Free Fire OB 31 Update

The New Updates will come also in free fire, The OB 31 Update will on November 30 2021 on free fire with lot’s of exiting features like snow map, new character, new pet, net gun, new car and many more.we have shared a complete information about free fire OB31 Update you can check it from below.

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About FF Weapon Royale update

The ‘Weapon Royale’ tab is accessible in the ‘Karma Royale’ segment of the game, available from the left half of the entryway. It brings another amazing firearm skin to Fre Fire each month. These skins are interesting in nature that we don’t will see them later in some other in-game occasion. The best way to get them is by making turns in the Weapon Royale utilizing the jewels.

In the Weapon Royale area, 1 Spin is accessible for either 40 Diamonds or 1 Weapon Royale voucher. Also, 10+1 Spins are accessible for either 400 Diamonds or 10 Weapon Royale vouchers.

In this article, I provide all information about Free fire upcoming events and Updates in India 2021, hope you read all information and got your answer. If you have any other quarry, you can raise a comment below. Thank You.

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