Latest Conan Exiles Update 1.99 Patch Notes

Conan Exiles Update 1.99 Patch Notes: The latest 1.99 patch for Conan Exiles is now available for users which comes with Bug fixes, performance improvements, and big feature updates.

Conan Exiles is one of the best online survival games out there in the market with fantastic graphics which was released by the Funcom team initially on 8 May 2018. Conan Exiles story is set in the prehistoric Hyborian age (Old medieval period of time). The characters become convicted in this and then they are sentenced to death. But before that, the player can be rescued after that they have to navigate to exiled lands

Latest Conan Exiles Update 1.97 Patch Notes
Conan Exiles Update 1.99 Patch Notes

In the previous updates, a new frozen north names biome is added to the game in Which various armors are available to build armor and land. Year by year many updates are built and many new biomes are introduced. Like the highlands and a high-level volcano area

Star metals were also added which resulted in the previous update with which stronger armor and better weapons could be built. Three major biomes were added to the game in 2021 which was the savannah, the floodlands, and the ashlands which were the most popular major updates in Conan Exiles.

Conan Exiles is available on various major platforms:

  • PlayStation 4
  • Xbox One
  • Xbox Cloud Gaming
  • Xbox series X and series S
  • Microsoft Windows (Steam and Epic Games)

The 1.99 patch for Conan Exiles generally focuses on fixes to improve memory efficiency and to fix the issues when using the controller

Conan Exiles Update 1.99 Patch Notes

  • Adjustments and enhancements have been done in the backend system
  • The right pet food is now utilized due to modified bear recipes
  • Some minor flaws in Golem’s tools due to which they seem distorted are now fixed
  • Bug fixed that caused problems in rendering armor display when the server restarts.
  • Some other minor golem-related asthenic bugs are now fixed.
  • Memory performance is improved in relation to the golem-sharing method.

New features added:

Purge changes:

  1. Players can able to trigger purges manually.
  2. Treasures can be sold in your coffers in order to get gold coins thanks to the coffers interface
  3. The amount of difficulty is now scaled and based on the amount of treasure inside the coffer.
  4. You will lose after a significant amount of your treasure is stolen by attacking the army
  5. Prisoners that are released inside the operating base can now serve as a store and you can purchase any special item that can be used in the future.
  6. Several new challenges are now available in games. Which are:
  • Defeat one strong character and focus on purged enemies
  • Defeat all purge waves
  • ┬áDefeat a purged enemy
  • Defeat and purge boss

Fixes in buildings, etc.

  • Only one door can be fixed in a single doorframe which previously supports multiple.
  • You cannot use the construction hammer to destroy or dismantle the buildings during a purge
  • Now the placeables weight is reduced

Craft fixes:

  • Now the player will not be damaged during the crafting of rough wraps when you are at full health power.
  • Shield frames are now required in crafting hardened steel shields and black ice shield
  • Crafting recipe time is now reduced for iron and steel reinforcements up to 10 Seconds from 20-30 seconds.

Some QOL updates:

  • Relinquishing control over an avatar is now possible by pressing the crouch button
  • Attribute points can be spent in less time now
  • Now the purge journey is available on the map

And many more bug fixes*

Latest Conan Exiles Update 1.97 Patch Notes
Conan Exiles Update 1.99 Patch Notes


Conan Exiles update 1.99 is one of the most popular survival games its story is set in the ancient periods when developing humans had to survive their lives by learning skills and building products of their needs like weapons, tools, clothes, etc.

The latest Conan Exiles Update 1.99 Patch Notes is now available for users and its major changes are mentioned above in easy-to-understand words. Thank you

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