iOS 17 Patch Notes Update 2023

iOS 17 Patch Notes Update 2023: The all-new latest and greatest Major stable update of iOS & iPados was released on 18 September 2023 and is rolling out for iPhone users publicly after the beta testing of iOS 17 and iPad OS 17 which comes with a huge number of patches and bug fixes which makes apple devices experience more better and polished. We will discuss all the latest changes, new features, and fixes in this post.

  • iOS 17 Patch Notes is the 17th biggest upgrade of iPhone OS which comes after iOS 16 in which massive customization features were released like Always on display, lockscreen customization, 3d wallpapers. Etc. But also comes with many bugs. Like battery drain, heating, etc. iOS 17 Patch Notes is here to fix all those bugs.
iOS 17 Patch Notes
iOS 17 Patch Notes


iOS 17 Patch Notes


  • Now you can customize how you appear on other people’s devices when you call them with customized posters.

Transcription of live voicemail will appear like when someone leaves a message and you are allowed to pick up the call.


iMessage bringed all your stickers at one place now. Live stickers, normal stickers and live stickers, etc.

  • Now you can create live stickers by holding an image and video and adding effects on it.
  • After reaching the destination safely your family members get notified by check-ins.
  • Swipe to reply to a message is now available.
  • The option to automatically delete Otps is pasting them in the app by auto-fill.
  • Now you can read text messages with transcription and listen to them later


  • Receive FaceTime calls on Apple TV by using your iPhone as a webcam.
  • Many 3D effects like hearts, confetti, and balloons can be triggered by using gestures around you.
  • Adjustable studio and portrait lighting can be done properly


  • Clocks widgets are updated and improved now automatically shuffle your best shots or selected album. Clock, widgets, etc. in low light take on red tone


  • Contact information can be shared with another person when you keep close your iPhone to someone new
  • now you can share your content for share play on another phone when you bring your phone closer



Transformers based language model makes typing easier and improve autocorrect accuracy.

  • Now you can also revert back to the original words that are replaced by autocorrect with just a click
  • More types of grammatical mistakes are now corrected in sentences.
  • Now you can get single and multiple suggestions and apply them by pressing the space button



  • Shareplay now makes it easier to control Apple Music in cars.
  • Smooth crossfade transitions are now available due to which the current song fades out and the next song fades in results in a smoother music experience

Password & safari

  • Now you can lock your private Windows tabs in Safari when not using and block trackers
  • Profiles are now available which separate the tabs, history, and groups from another profile.
  • Autofill features are now available for one-time pins due to which you can easily enter OTP without leaving Safari.


  • Environment-based volume adjustments are done with the help of a personalized volume feature
  • Pressing the Airpods stem or digital crown now mutes and unmutes the mic of Airpods


  • Now you can get real-time location of EV charger availability.


  • Siri can be triggered now just by saying Siri in addition to Hey Siri
  • More the one request can be processed in Siri without activating it again and again



The above-mentioned patch notes are the main highlights that every user can experience. We have covered the major changes for every small change you can check out the iOS 17 Patch Notes on

After reading these changes you can decide do you want to update or not. Note that upgrading the system is always recommended. To maintain system security and bug fixes. But sometimes these can cause bugs out There so waiting 5-10 days is better. Thank you

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