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Latest TFT 9.5 b Patch Notes Updated

TFT 9.5 b patch Notes latest update 13 September 2023: You all are familiar with the TFT (team fight tactics) game which is one of the most popular auto battler strategy games Which is developed by Riot games. In TFT there is competition between teams of players and the one that stands until the last wins. Keep Reading to know all the TFT 9.5 b Patch Notes.

Each player controls a little legend, at the start of the game you pick a champion with an item equipped by moving into them, and then you are sent to your board where you’ll have to battle 3 waves of minions before facing real players.

Recently this tft has received a new patch which is 9.5 b which is sometimes also known as tft set 9.5 b patch notes.

Latest TFT 9.5 b Patch Notes
Latest TFT 9.5 b Patch Notes

Patches are generally updates that developers provide to add new features to the game, optimize its performance, and fix bugs and glitches.

There is complete info available on this post below.

Availability: Teamfight Tactics is available on most famous platforms, and you can get it v

  • Google Play Store
  • Apple App store
  • Microsoft Windows Store

This game is available for free, so you can download and play

TFT 9.5 b Patch Notes

Changes in Champion nerfs (weakening in a game feature)

  • Cho’gath: Mana nerf is now 30/90
  • Azir: Spell damages are now weakened to 95/140/500
  • Miss Fortune: now nerfed to 10/60 from 10/50
  • Ekko: Spell damage now nerfed to 255/380/570
  • Nilah: Cleave damage nerfed to 65/65/100, Attack speed is now nerfed to 0.8 
  • Qiyana: Health merfed to 650 from 700, mana nerfed to  40/100 from 40/80
  • Poppy: Demacia Radiant item replaced to Protectoctor’s vow from Gargoyle’s stone plate

Item nerfs:

Radiant rapid-fire canon: Damage amplification is now nerfed to 15% from 20%

Rapid Firecannon: Damage amplification nerfed to 8% from 12%

Bug fixes in TFT SET


  1. Stopping from casting on himself during a dash


  1. has now become invulnerable to damage during revive
  2. revive animation has now become shorter for Darkin

Unavailable server?

The maintenance team shut down the server during the patch-applying process as this process was done on September 13 morning at 3:00 AM and afterward for a few hours. So you don’t have to worry your game data is safely saved on servers

Why patches are important for games?

At first, the patches are for bug fixes to change the functionality of a feature or to tweak features

Patches are also important from the Safety point of view as any vulnerability in game files works as a tunnel through which viruses, Trojans, malware, etc. can easily enter your system and delete or corrupt files and stored data.

Not even the data stored in the servers is safe if there is some vulnerability in the code of the game. These vulnerabilities are fixed by means of patches

Latest TFT 9.5 b Patch Notes
Latest TFT 9.5 b Patch Notes

Appreciation to developers

The developers of the game deserve a huge appreciation for providing regular updates & these patches (TFT 9.5 b patch).

The maintenance of patches is done monthly, weekly, or even 2-3 times a week. which requires a lot of effort and keeps us safe.

The latest TFT 9.5 b Patch Notes is no different and comes with lots of improvements


TFT 9.5 b Patch Notes is the latest patch for the teamfight tactics game which was released on September 2023 and comes with a big changelog Notes for those changes are mentioned above clearly and are 100% from the official sources.

You should have to play and try the all-new changes and if you don’t like any feature you can list it in feedback and provide proper details regarding it.

TFT 9.5 b patch comes with the biggest number of changes the gameplay experience will be completely changed after this. Complete information regarding tft 9.5 b patch is noted above and information regarding any new updated patch will be added in future posts. Thank you


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