How to Reach My First 5k Followers On Youtube – Easily In February 2024

How to Reach My First 5k Followers On Youtube: Reaching 5k or more followers on YouTube is not that difficult. In fact, it’s so easy if you follow the correct guidelines of YouTube and post it in a proper way then you can easily reach a good number of followers. after your channel reaches to First 5k Followers On Youtube several benefits you will get. in this post below you will find How to Reach My First 5k Followers On Youtube.

As number of subscribers on YouTube directly affects the income. yes, you can earn from YouTube by fulfilling some requirements that are required. After that ads monetization starts on your channel and your earning starts.

Have you started a YouTube channel? And the number of followers aka subscribers not increasing? Then this post is for you.

How to Reach My First 5k Followers On Youtube
How to Reach My First 5k Followers On Youtube

YouTube is not just limited to video-sharing platforms. But also a great source of income if want to know how to earn from YouTube you can scroll below and find complete details.

What’s YouTube

“YouTube,” I think there is no need to describe this word as this name is worldwide famous from children to seniors. Everyone means nearly everyone is using YouTube.

YouTube is the biggest video-sharing platform by Google Inc in which creators create a channel on which videos are uploaded. Anyone can watch your video by searching for it.

How to Reach My First 5k Followers On Youtube

5k views refer to five Thousand views on a video.

Once your channel got monetized youtube ads revenue will start on your channel and your earning starts. After that the number of views decides the income money  generally on 5k views on YouTube you can earn around 2000 to 3000 INR. If you video content is so good otherwise it can be last upto 800 to 900 INR Which can varies as per YouTube policies. You can keep tracking of this on official YouTube support.

The Number of views depend on many things:

  • How creative is the thumbnail is
  • What type of content you are delivering
  • Trending topics usually get large number of views

How much is First 5k Followers On Youtube

The K, M, and L in social platforms refer to the number of short forms so that they can be denoted In short space and look good you have seen M next to a number of subscribers of a YouTube channel.

M: it refers to million (1M = 10,000,000)

K: Refers to Thousand (1k = 1000)

L: it refers to lacs (1L = 100,000)

Below 5000 subscribers you find that views are written in full numerical form but as the number of subscribers (followers) reaches 5000 followers you find that it is written as 5K which looks great and gives the rich feel that our account has reached a milestone for something different there.

Benefits after First 5k Followers On Youtube

  • First of all, you get a letter with your number of subscribers and that seems so good Rich like 5k for 5000 followers.
  • The community tab becomes available for you. You can post or share anything with your subscribers like links to new videos so that your video reaches subscribers whether they should have turned on notifications or not and significantly boosts its reach
  • One of the biggest benefit is you can get sponsorship which helps you to earn extra income YouTube ad revenue+ also increase channel reputation.
  • You can get custom url support
  • Live streaming inside official YouTube- no third party apps software required
  • Super chat feature unlocks, in which audience directly interact w ith you in an live stream and even send you money if they like your work.
  •  You are eligible to sign up on Famebit which is an official YouTube site from which you can get sponsorship even from outside countries not just yours and you can earn a lot of money so this is one of the greatest things you can do after 5k subscribers (followers).
  • Of course, the Google Adsense account goes active.

How to start YouTube earning from the beginning Step-by-Step Guide

Before starting this guide let be learn about YouTube requirements for the monetization of a channel:

  • The channel should have 1000 Subscribers at least In order to apply for monetization
  • Minimum watch time of 4000 hours on overall channel ~ watch time on All videos collectively
  • If you are a YouTube shorts creator (videos under 60 seconds) then your reels should have 10 million videos collectively.
  • After fulfilling these requirements your channel is ready for YouTube monetization and to become a money generator.

How to Reach my First 5k Followers on YouTube:

if you haven’t started a YouTube channel yet and wanna be a creator then this section is for you. In this section, I will guide you through everything from beginner level to creating a YouTube channel and how to prepare videos.

  • First, you need to create a Google account, a separate Google account for YouTube will be a better option.
  • Then you have to visit my channel option on the YouTube home page and on the account option if you are using the YouTube app
  • Add a suitable and easy-to-remember name for your channel write an introduction in the About option and provide your Instagram or Gmail handle if you want.
  • Create an attractive logo for your channel and a cover picture
  • You can use the Canva app for the logo and cover picture of your YouTube channel as Canva is a very simple, easy, and free tool and is available on every platform.
  • Now it’s the turn of the video preparation task you can use the VN Vlog Now app from the Play Store or App Store which is a free application and provides you loose less quality professional video editing features.
  • You can record videos from your phone camera initially. when your channel starts to grow and you start making earn then you can buy professional tools like a camera, tripod stand, studio lights, gimbal, etc. Until then you can use your smartphone.
  • The most important thing ~ be consistent you should post videos on regular routines otherwise your channel cannot grow.
How to Reach My First 5k Followers On Youtube
How to Reach My First 5k Followers On Youtube


This post contains all the information regarding what happens and benefits we get, earnings after 5k followers, and 5k views, and how to start our own YouTube channel initially.

Google Adsense is a very powerful tool for earning you can use Adsense after your channel gets monetized.

All the info regarding 5k subscribers on YouTube salary, First 5k Followers On Youtube, 5k views on YouTube money India, etc. is mentioned above. Keep reading keep smiling Thank you.

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