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VClub APK Download | Sign Up & Play Color Prediction Games For Big Win

VClub has captured the market with its simple and engaging real money color prediction game. Its rising popularity and lucrative payouts have inspired many platforms to offer similar color guessing games. This article explores the top apps like VClub APK available in India that allow betting on color outcome predictions for earning rewards.

Mantri Malls

Mantri Malls offers VClub like Red vs Green and Number guessing games through its Android app. The minimum bet is ₹10 going up to ₹10,000 per round. Attractive jackpots are offered regularly. Winnings can be withdrawn quickly to bank accounts and wallets. The app has an appealing interface and easy account creation. Provides referral income opportunity too. The overall experience that you can get out of Mantri Malls is quite similar to VClub.

Daman Games

From the house of Advani Hotels & Resorts, Daman Games provides web and app access to color and number prediction games with real rupee payouts. Allows bets from ₹10 to ₹10 lakh with odds up to 10x on number guessing. Winnings can be withdrawn or reinvested easily. Focuses on responsible gaming. The winning potential of Daman Games is significant. By playing the games available, it will be possible to earn a significant amount of money with ease.


Fiewin offers a diverse suite of Prediction-based games including Colors, Dice, Slots, Andar Bahar. Bets start from ₹1 going up to ₹10,000. Provides bonuses on signing up, daily logins, and referrals. Winnings are instantly credited to the Fiewin wallet for hassle-free withdrawal. Also conducts regular contests. If you are looking forward to getting your hands on a large number of games, Fiewin would be a good option to consider. It is a great option available for someone who doesn’t get bored by playing multiple games.


Owned by Gauss Network, WinZo offers colorful mini games like Flip for Colors, Spin the Wheel, Bubble Shooter etc. with real cash rewards. Bets range from ₹1 to ₹10,000. WinZo can be played via web browser or Android/iOS apps. Smooth KYC and fast withdrawals offered. Engaging gameplay and contests.

Go Paisa

Go Paisa is a popular gaming platform with over 5 million users. Its color guessing game allows betting on colors Red and Black with odds of 1.98x. Bets start at just ₹1 going up to ₹5,000 per round. Winnings can be withdrawn quickly or reinvested to grow earnings. Lucrative referral income opportunity. The simplicity of this game has contributed a lot towards its popularity among players out there.

Games Kharido

Color Guessing is the main game here with betting options on Red, Blue, Green, and Violet colors. Bets allowed from ₹5 to ₹20,000 with instant withdrawals. Games Kharido is available as a web platform and Android app. Offers signup and referral bonuses along with jackpots.


As the name suggests, Colorbet specializes in real money color prediction gaming. Guess between 5 color options with minimum bet ₹15. Provides attractive bonuses, deals and offers to users. Available as Android app with quick KYC process and fast withdrawals. Engaging promotions.

Final words

The apps above provide their own twist on real money color prediction gaming made popular by VClub. With higher odds, bigger jackpots, and slick platforms, they offer strong alternatives for users to place bets and monetize prediction skills responsibly. The common thread is engaging gameplay, ease of use and intuitive apps. Evaluate your risk appetite and features to pick the one most appealing. Happy guessing and winning!

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