Chimeraland Gift Redeem Codes (December 2023) Free Instant Rewards

Didn’t find Chimeraland Gift redeem codes? Found but they are not redeeming or fake codes? Don’t worry your search is now over here you will get working Chimeraland Gift redeem codes which are completely free to redeem and provide in-game purchases and also the complete info about the Chimeraland game regarding how to redeem codes and speed up your progress in the game.

Chimeraland is an Open world based game that contains the deepest elements from prehistoric and mythical worlds. It’s a role-playing game so you will experience the adventure from a different point of view with a completely goosebumps-giving experience.

Chimeraland is available on two major platforms which are:

  • Android
  • Microsoft Windows

What are Chimeral and Gift redemption codes?

Chimeraland Gift redeem codes are the specific sets of alphabets and numerals which when entered correctly in-game unlock the in-game purchases and many survival items as this Chimeraland is an role-playing survival game so the necessary products for survival can be redeemed by these codes which are so much helpful in the game and definitely help in speeding up your progress in Chimeraland

You can get Cowries,  Mount Kit, eggs, etc. Which is an lifesaver in Chimeraland. So to correctly redeem codes follow the step-by-step guide provided below and redeem codes from the list of working codes provided below.

Chimeraland Gift redeem codes 2023 Today [Active]

Chimeraland Gift redeem codes:

  • VGi6YeOl
  • E0mMBygN
  • B2OTjCrs
  • gTouxLI4
  • Nk6fZeJI
  • GHRhPvRU
  • 4zQRfqpi
  • 4WPNAU2n
  • hLL0rzsT
  • 42HDFQ0y
  • O1plRNJp
  • IELhgg3Q
  • BcMSpdqA
  • AWkc2PjI
  • y6D2LSlO
  • rjIsbgcS
  • pWxU2qyZ
  • Uh3Y50d3
  • I0CJ90AT
  • TdFVwWZb
  • bKHdxY36
  • V4W2QJKM
  • XzdwhLMk
  • EfxFJHzr
  • ssZBkgdG
  • RDwwuBnq
  • TYygcgck
  • GnVnlcEW
  • NgGSdZvM
  • rW9qt8vM
  • 6aHdZC0Y
  • MR1GGLcK
  • U2uJ9BW2
  • gCW273AW
  • aQfBlVQ4
  • CdOUPzSy
  • XkNkyfFI
  • mDQ2xtwp
  • sX67CziY
  • klAdX9tY
  • 1fpR5tLW
  • jnkoSc1K
  • d2ItI6g1
  • qgxJ41g8
  • DcHhwj6c
  • 9U2faHRe
  • RCdppwgW
  • 8oVPxWcx
  • 0IbELOU9
  • 7oc2LoJs
  • 9pN7k19z
  • 8v6o878d
  • 7249287s
  • 61c96m93
  • 50b9226g
  • 45a82093
  • 34k83r8s
  • 23l83t7g
  • 12m83u67
  • 71z83v56
  • 60y83w45
  • 59x83x34
  • 48w83y23
  • 37v83z12
  • 26u83a91
  • 15t83b80
  • 04s83c7z
  • 93r83d6y
  • 82q83e5x
  • 71p83f4w
  • 60o83g3v
  • 5zn83h2u
  • 4ym83i1t
  • 3xl83j0s
  • 2wk83k9r
  • 1vj83l8q
  • 0ui83m7p
  • 9th83n6o
  • 8sg83o5n
  • 7rf83p4m
  • 6qe83q3l
  • 5pd83r2k
  • 4oc83s1j
  • 3nb83t0i
  • 2ma83u9h
  • 1lz83v8g
  • 0ky83w7f
  • 9jx83x6e
  • 8iw83y5d
  • 7hv83z4c
  • 6gu83a3b
  • 5ft83b2a
  • 4es83c19
  • 3dr83d08
  • 2cq83e97
  • 1bp83f86
  • 0ao83g75
  • 9zn83h64
  • 8ym83i53
  • 7xl83j42
  • 6wk83k31
  • 5vj83l20
  • 4ui83m1z
  • 3th83n0y
  • 2sg83o9x
  • 1rf83p8w
  • 6qe83q7v
  • 5pd83r6u
  • 4oc83s5t
  • 3nb83t4s
  • 2ma83u3r
  • 1lz83v2q
  • 0ky83w1p
  • 9jx83x0o

These are the free working redeem gift codes for Chimeraland which are updated regularly on a daily or weekly basis to ensure everyone gets a working redeem code


  • One redeem code can only be redeemed once. Again trying an redeem a code will result in an expired or invalid code output.
  • Each redeem code has a definite life span period and it should be used within it otherwise it will automatically expire without even using it.

Chimeraland Gift Redeem Codes


How to get more active gift codes for Chimeraland?

in order to get more work and free redeem code you can follow the game developers’ social media handle where they release free redeem codes on every special occasion, event, or major update publicly. To get these codes you need to keep checking their profile a regular basis and keep track of new posts you can also turn on notifications for their new posts which will help you a lot. 

Moreover, developers profiles you can even join the games communities on Twitter, telegram, Reddit, Facebook and Instagram, etc. Which will provide you with Chimeraland gift redeem codes for completely free.

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How to Redeem Code in Chimeraland correctly

This is a step by step guide to redeem a gift code in Chimeraland correctly in order to claim rewards.


  • Firstly you have to launch the Chimeraland game on your device
  • After that, you need to navigate to the perk menu which is located in the top right corner of the main screen of the game.
  • A new window will be shown up, there you need to click the events button and then on the redeem code button.
  • In the input box, you need to enter any of the above-provided codes.
  • Finally, click confirm and wait until it verifies the code 
  • After verification, the reward will be received.


In this post, we have covered everything about the Chimeraland – an open-world survival role-playing game with a prehistoric and mythical theme-based story. And its in-game purchases can be easily unlocked by using Chimeraland gift redeem codes.  In this page above we have provided completely working redeem codes and step by step-by-step guide to redeem them correctly.  You have to read the steps slowly and with understanding if you don’t want to face any problems. Even after that if you face any problems you can drop your comments below for further support. Thank you


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