How to Use the Gunship Scorestreak 3 times in MP Matches Task Complete? Call of Duty Mobile

This article is about Call of Duty Mobile Use the Gunship Scorestreak 3 times in MP Matches Task Complete.

So it is useful for Call of Duty players and also for many more who are interested in this game. Seasonal challenges and activities are frequently added to Call of Duty Mobile, which players must do to receive rewards.

One such task in the ongoing “Heavy Metal” season calls for players to “Use the Gunship Scorestreak 3 times in MP Matches.” The powerful Gunship is capable of launching missiles and wreaking havoc from the sky. However, submitting it calls for a high score streak score.

Gunship Scorestreak 3 times in MP Matches Task
Gunship Scorestreak 3 times in MP Matches Task

For many gamers, this makes finishing the assignment challenging. This post offers advice and methods for completing this challenging assignment by using the Gunship scorestreak three times.

Getting the Scorestreak for Gunship COD Mobile

Building your loadout is the first step to achieving scorestreaks more quickly.

Equip the Persistence bonus to maintain scorestreak advancement even after death. To lower the point requirement for all scorestreaks, use Hardline.

Next, concentrate on modes with high kill volume, such as Small Maps or Shipments. Play with objectivity to score kills, assists, and goals to capture.

This all adds to the scorestreak score. For more points, use precision airstrikes and unmanned aerial vehicles sparingly.

When you eventually get the Gunship, check for the prompt on the tablet icon. Press here to get command of the gunship’s aerial weaponry.

Use the Gunship Scorestreak 3 times in MP Matches Task

The gunship offers a drone view of the map from above. It has a weapon and an infinite supply of missiles.

To get a closer look at areas teeming with foes, use the zoom controls located at the top of the screen.

When the bottom left missile button is pressed, a barrage of rockets is launched at the tapped or targeted area.

Tap repeatedly to shower adversaries with missiles before they have a chance to flee.

Aiming at specific locations, the bottom right cannon fires continuously. This works well against the goals and structures of the opposition.

The best way to acquire a lot of kills before the gunship period ends is to combine the use of cannons and missiles.

Prioritize enemy spawn locations, contested objectives, and enemy groupings after you are comfortable with the controls to increase damage during the brief gunship period.

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Gunship Scorestreak 3 times in MP Matches Task

Helpful Tips & Tricks for Scorestreak 3 times in COD Mobile

Here are some more pointers for making better use of the gunship:

Fire missiles just ahead of moving targets to cause them to step into the explosion Switch between zoom levels to capture hidden or far-off targets

  • When most adversaries are present, concentrate your fire on the goals.
  • Save time by not firing at isolated targets.
  • Make use of the entire time before the gunship ends.
  • Get subsequent gunships fast by using previously acquired scorestreaks.
  • Continue to call in earned gunships even after deaths.

It becomes simpler to achieve three gunship usage for the seasonal job by making the most of your loadout, making large goal play, and using the gunship skills when earned.

Using high kill modes and utilizing previously acquired score streaks are crucial for rapidly accumulating points for the upcoming gunship.

If the lobby features novice enemies that permit continuous usage of the gunship, stay in that lobby.

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  • While challenging, the “Use Gunship 3 times in MP” job is fairly doable.
  • To finish a task, modify load-outs, strategically play goals, make large gunship usage when it is earned, and persevere through deaths.
  • Given the fantastic rewards this challenging seasonal task gives, the work is well worth it.
  • Put on your best loadout for gunship and get ready for an amazing Call of Duty Mobile multiplayer experience!

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