How To Climb Over Obstacles 10 Times in Classic Mode PUBG BGMI Mission

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Since its release, BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA (BGMI), also known as PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS (PUBG) Mobile. Has grown to be one of the most played multiplayer battle royale games in India.

Climb Over Obstacles 10 Times in Classic Mode PUBG
Climb Over Obstacles 10 Times in Classic Mode PUBG


Players can complete a variety of difficult tasks and events in the game to win thrilling prizes including costumes, achievement badges, weapon skins, and more.

The quest “Climb Over Obstacles 10 Times in Classic Mode” is one that players frequently find difficult to complete.

In the classic-style matches, players must parkour and climb over various obstacles ten times to complete this task.

Compound walls, rails, crates, fallen trees, automobiles, etc. are examples of obstacles.

Players’ exploring prowess is put to the test and rewarded in this adventure. That takes them throughout the massive 100-player classic mode battlefields.

Despite the fact that it seems easy enough, a lot of players can’t discover enough barriers to climb ten times before losing the match.

By knowing the best locations and a few insider tips and methods, you can do this quest in a few matches.

How to Complete Climb Over Obstacles 10 Times in Classic Mode PUBG BGMI Mission?

Choice of Landing Location:

Selecting the best landing location in classic mode with lots of buildings, structures, and compounds with climbable structures is essential to finishing this objective quickly.

The finest locations for this task are the apartments, schools, military bases, Georgopol, Pochinki, and Novorepnoye.

Get ready to leap to the landing point you have chosen at the start of the flight route.

Keep an Eye Out for Things That Can Be Climbed:

Don’t concentrate on finding weapons until you’ve landed. Your main objective is to parkour anywhere you see, including walls, closed doors, railings, cars, crates, fallen trees, and so on.

Look for structures like balconies or staircases that you may sprint up and down; every step you take toward the top counts.

Continue rotating from structure to structure for ongoing climbing opportunities—don’t wait for adversaries.

Choosing the Right Map:

Every map in Classic Mode features climbable obstacles. Still, several maps have additional structures that are appropriate for doing this objective quickly, like:

  • Erangel – Prison, Mylta Power, Lipovka, Pochinki
  • Sanhok – Bootcamp, Paradise Resort, Ruins
  • Miramar – El Pozo, Los Leones, Campo Militar

Climb Routes with Aggression:

Climb your first object—a wall, railing, or car—as soon as you land. After that, locate nearby structures or compounds and sprint, vault, and parkour in their direction to scale further obstacles. Several effective linear paths:

  • School → Rozhok
  • Mylta Power → Water Treatment
  • Prison → Quarry
Climb Over Obstacles 10 Times in Classic Mode PUBG
Climb Over Obstacles 10 Times in Classic Mode PUBG

Some Advices for Finishing the Climb Over Obstacles 10 Mission Fast:

Here are some essential pointers to advance quickly:

Play teams and explain your objectives: You can concentrate entirely on climbing items more quickly when you have a cooperative group to provide cover.

Turn off “Auto Pick-Up” to prevent unintentionally picking up weapons or scopes mid-climb, which would halt the pace of the ascent.

Parkour continuously: To get the most momentum, keep climbing over obstacles without pausing. Leaning back might be useful while scaling higher walls.

Cautious hostility: If there are more climb opportunities in fresh compounds, move forward; nevertheless, if too many opponents are pinning you down, retreat.

Play regularly for two to three matches. If you are unable to do this in one sitting because of early skirmishes.

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Conclusion Related to the Climb Over Obstacles 10 Times in Classic Mode:

So we conclude that throughout the expansive battlegrounds of BGMI, the Climb Over Obstacles 10 Times Mission assesses and enhances crucial parkour and exploration skills.

While challenging for certain players. So this assignment can be completed in a few classic mode battles if the proper tactics and strategies are used.

The benefits greatly outweigh the effort. In addition to accelerating rank and tier level advancement for better rewards, weapon skins, and gameplay experiences, completing such tasks also helps players advance.

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