Lovebrush Chronicles Redeem Code: Free Bonus Reward [Active] December 2023

Hello! Are you here in search of lovebrush chronicles redeem codes? If yes then you are at the best place to get them for free. Here you will get the latest and working lovebrush chronicles redeem codes which you can redeem to claim free rewards and various game stuff.

The Love Brush is a story-based game with a romantic and novel theme in which the players have to help the Main adventurer character of the game Make the right decision as per your choice in making his relationship. The story of the game may have different endings as per the different decisions. So our choices Directly impact the storyline. Various mini-games are available inside the lovebrush chronicles game to enjoy.

Lovebrush Chronicles Redeem Code
Lovebrush Chronicles Redeem Code

The Lovebrush Chronicles is available to play on these platforms:

  • Android
  • PC (by the use of any Android emulator on Mac OS, Microsoft Windows or Linux)

What Are the Lovebrush Chronicles Redeem Codes?

The Lovebrush Chronicles redeem codes are special codes that consist of some alphabetical and numerical codes that provide you with various bonus rewards that will help you games easily and speed up your progress faster. These are all generated at the time of development of the game and when these redeem codes are entered in the game correctly and successfully verified to servers you receive specified rewards and game stuff like :

  • Getting access to a magical realm.
  • Can get a beast company.
  • A legendary weapon can be easily unlocked.
  • Can provide you treasure trove of gold.

Lovebrush Chronicles Redeem Codes: Free Bonus [active] Oct 2023

This is the list of the latest working active Lovebrush Chronicles redeem codes which are free to use for everyone. The proper step-by-step guide is provided below in the post.

List of Latest Lovebrush Chronicles Redeems Codes:

  • 0Q7444084F
  • 1G6310979C
  • 2Z7564045B
  • 3K9179932A
  • 4Y8806053X
  • 5V5326308W
  • 6B2039597V
  • 7W6089602U
  • 8F0603887T
  • 9Y7322402S
  • 10R4839365Q
  • 11B841882A
  • 12Z6851509P
  • 13G5488418O
  • 14T6239727N
  • 15H9547096M
  • 16Q4702205L
  • 17G5473574K
  • 18B7420533J
  • 19V5259772I
  • 20H4373887H
  • 21G4112686G
  • 22T5881475F
  • 23Z8132534E
  • 24Q1336503D
  • 25H7273832C
  • 26T1251681B
  • 27Z5546690A
  • 28H3889359X
  • 29G5718878W
  • 30Q5827707V
  • 31H7464286U
  • 32G6081835T
  • 33R1377974S
  • 34Z6284903R
  • 35B7143452Q
  • 36V8748381P
  • 37H2231430O
  • 38G0806169N
  • 39R5630248M
  • 40Z5762297L
  • 41H6210396K
  • 42G4041345J
  • 43R1717204I
  • 44B0126453H
  • 45V0051082G
  • 46F6809651F
  • 47H6889820E
  • 48G8884793D
  • 49R8604152C
  • 50B9085865B
  • 51H4315744A
  • 52Z2847139X
  • 53G4828348W
  • 54T0726087V
  • 55H9086696U
  • 56Q9849935T
  • 57G6083564S
  • 58B1070263R
  • 59V8116562Q
  • 60R4541721P
  • 61H6013130O
  • 62G2680489N
  • 63Z9248588M
  • 64T4484517L
  • 65H5940966K
  • 66Q8632075J
  • 67G7685584I
  • 68B7382293H
  • 69V7017902G
  • 71G7708490E
  • 72B9763813D
  • 73V0381682C
  • 74H2424781B
  • 75Q4598460A
  • 76G87356259X
  • 77B77631868W
  • 78V7719907V
  • 79H1640476U
  • 81Q0013204S
  • 82G1462733R
  • 83B8761192Q
  • 84V6816961P
  • 85H0567820O
  • 86Q6247889N
  • 87G6574198M
  • 88B6498377L
  • 89V7414306K
  • 90H8421795J
  • 91G9876754I
  • 92B9144763H
  • 93V5592832G
  • 94H2781221F
  • 95Q7752450E
  • 96G5229609D
  • 97B3579848C
  • 98V9815217B
  • 99H3476596A
  • 00G9494365X
  • 01B3515954W
  • 02V6082393V
  • 03H1227882U
  • 04Q492451T
  • 05G5056186S
  • 06B9569205R
  • 07V3567984Q
  • 08H5817293P
  • 09G3270622O

This is the list of lathe test active redeem codes for Lovebrush chronicles. You can use any of the above-provided codes to claim your reward.

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List of Expired Lovebrush Chronicles Redeems Codes:

  • 10B8114261N
  • 11V3470810M
  • 12H3093369L
  • 13G9192038K
  • 14B1510257J
  • 15V0115246I
  • 16H6730485H
  • 17G9793914G
  • 18B0358763F
  • 19V8814652E
  • 20H9161271D
  • 21G3895900C
  • 22B616789B
  • 23V9779530A
  • 24H4792669X
  • 25Q7599738W
  • 26G6423547V
  • 27B7804596U
  • 28V3288625T
  • 29H8370874S
  • 30G9289103R
  • 31B8710852Q
  • 32V1296471P
  • 33H8986400O
  • 34Q7644789N
  • 35G4149178M
  • 36B9059796L
  • 37V1768205K
  • 38H0370954J
  • 39G3268573I
  • 40B1544962H
  • 41V9832411G
  • 42H2805860F
  • 43G7927439E
  • 44B2742588D
  • 45V1416107C
  • 46H3528696B
  • 47G4895705A
  • 48B8903974X
  • 49V1719223W
  • 50H0023752V

This is the list of expired Lovebrush cChroniclesredeem codes so you have to avoid them from using.


  • Expired codes are those which are used by someone. During the post-maintenance they are separated from the working redeem codes.
  • One redeem code can be redeemed only once. After a successful redemption, they will expire.
  • The list of redeem codes is updated daily to provide working redeem codes for everyone.

How to redeem active Lovebrush chronicles codes?

This is the complete step-by-step guide to redeem codes in Lovebrush Chronicles without getting errors.


  1. Launch the Love Brush Chronicles game and wait until the home screen loads.
  2. Navigate to the gear icon and click on it to open game options.
  3. Find the redeem option in the list and click on it
  4. The redemption page will open. Paste any of the above provided redeem codes in the in-input box.
  5. Click on redeem and wait for the verification process.
  6. After successful verification, you will receive your bonus reward.
Lovebrush Chronicles Redeem Code
Lovebrush Chronicles Redeem Code


This post is the perfect solution for those who are looking for the latest and working Lovebrush chronicles redeem codes. We have covered the complete information on Lovebrush chronicles redeem codes with the proper step-by-step guide etc. To claim free rewards in the game which will help you to speed up your progress faster.

You can read all this stuff above and in case you encounter any error or don’t understand something you can easily drop your issue in the comments for further support. Thanks

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