The First Descendant Gley Skill Latest Module

The First Descendant Gley Skill Latest Module: Are you searching for the Gley skill module in the first descendant game? Alright, you are at the absolutely right place. Here we will cover every smallest to biggest thing related to the gley skill module and how to get it for yourself for 100% free. This article is from beginner to pro type.

Gley possesses the role of utility dealer in the descendants and to improve and unlock her full potential as a utility dealer in the game you need skill modules for her. After using these modules her effectiveness and playstyle significantly improved.

The First Descendant Gley Skill Latest Module
The First Descendant Gley Skill Latest Module

Are you facing problems in understanding the modules? Or confused how modules work, and how to get modules and install them by yourself easily. Complete information related to everything related to this is mentioned in this article in different sections. Keep reading

The first descendant is generally a third-person type shooter game that generally meets and co-op rope-playing the game. In which you have to clear the mentioned missions. By choosing the fighter, with your friends the main aim is looting. Is basically oriented on rewards the players need to strive for loot at first in every game play in order to grow power player needs to gather loots. Also, there are a variety of characters for players to avail of.

The first descendant is available on all major popular platforms that are:

  • PlayStation 5
  • PlayStation 4
  • Xbox 1
  • Xbox series X and series S
  • Microsoft Windows ( via Steam)

Brief History of The First Descendant: the modules that are famous nowadays are not always modules those were called runes at that time after the updates the runes were renamed to Modules which generally sound more technical

What are the The First Descendant Gley Skill Latest Module?

Modules are one of the most basic and use the full components of the first descendant game which helps you to easily upgrade weapons enhance their usability experience and make the descendants stronger in combat battles.

A list of weapons and descendants will appear as we use any module that will describe the effect of that module on the specific character, weapon, or anything.

The also features us to pre-set modules for the descendants which can be done by pulling in inventory and character interaction.

The number of modules that can be equipped depends on the number of slots.


Gley is a utility dealer. As She uses more HP she becomes more stronger. Gley has so many good moves which are

  • Life siphon
  • Frenzied
  • Thirst
  • Increased sensory
  • Massacre

Gley Skill modules

Modules allow us to enhance the skills (moves), weapons, descendants, etc. The skill module for Gley enhances their personality and improves her utility dealer play styles

These modules help us to make our build more powerful. Using a module requires some energy and only some modules can be used at a single time.

The First Descendant Gley Skill Latest Module
The First Descendant Gley Skill Latest Module

All Gley skill modules

  • Supersense Module

With the use of this module, The Frenzied state gets modified. And lethality is significantly maximized during increased sensory.

Weak Point ATK and Duration increase but the fire rate becomes fixed

  • Massive Sanguification Module

absorption of life orbs during nonfrenzied state. due to the modification of the siphon.

  • Predator Instinct 

This module increases the firearm atk during the frenzied state

  • Blood and Iron Module 

Power of life can be obtained when skill hits critical.

 How to Unlock Gley?

Firstly you have to collect and obtain some materials in order to build the gley which is all mentioned here with a complete guide.

  • Gley stabilizer is required
  • Gley-enhanced cells are needed
  • Gley spinal catalyst
  • Gley Code

Gley-enhanced cell materials 

  • 192 Repton
  • Gley Enhanced Cell Blueprint
  • 3 Anti-Gravity Fixer
  • 384 Superfluid

Gley stabilizer materials

  •  data processing circuit
  • 402 Monad Shard
  • Gley Stabilizer Blueprint
  • 9 Data Processing Circuit
  • 270 Metal Accelerant

Spiral catalyst materials

  • Gley Spiral Catalyst Blueprint
  • 13 Optical Catalyst needed
  • 384 Superfluid
  • 402 Monad Shard
  • And at last 150k gold required

After collecting all these items you have to head to the descendant’s research station. There

  • You have to Travel to Anais in Albion
  • Have to start research on Gley
  • This whole research process will take 12 hours. after that, you have got gley congratulations.


This article covers the complete information on modules in The Descendants game. Gley’s character has been covered completely from beginner to pro how to build Gley, who is gley how to use skill modules for Gley, and what every module does. Even after that if have any query related to this you can comment below. Thank You

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