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Every year, the latest NBA 2K game’s cover athlete reveal sparks discussion and conjecture about which elite player will take the coveted slot.

Rumblings about who might appear on the special edition cover of NBA 2K25 are circulating among fans as they eagerly await the game’s 2024 release.

NBA 2K25 Cover Athlete
NBA 2K25 Cover Athlete

The developers at 2K Sports take great care in selecting the cover star because it is a significant choice.

The Luka Dončić Case in NBA 2K25 Cover Athlete:

A name that keeps coming up in discussions about NBA 2K25 cover athletes is Luka Dončić. The youthful star of the Dallas Mavericks has already established himself. As one of the most gifted and appealing players in the NBA right now.

Dončić, who is only 24 years old, earned a spot on the First Team All-NBA three times in his first four seasons.

In addition, he has made two appearances in the playoffs, guiding the Mavericks to the Western Conference Finals in 2022.

Representing the future generation of NBA superstars, Dončić makes perfect sense as the cover athlete for NBA 2K25. He’s grown into a triple-double machine and one of the league’s most unguardable players.

Ever since joining the league, Dončić’s reputation has skyrocketed on a global level due to his exceptional skill and affable demeanor.

He would become the first foreign NBA 2K cover star, which would generate excitement and boost sales.

The Case Against Luka:

Nonetheless, some fans of basketball video games protest against having Dončić represent NBA 2K25.

The fact that he hasn’t quite made it big as an NBA champion or MVP is a typical criticism.

Some believe the 2K25 cover should celebrate a more seasoned veteran or established champion, even if he is undoubtedly headed for such laurels.

Regarding the infamous pattern of NFL players suffering setbacks or injuries following their appearance on the Madden NFL cover. There are also worries that the “Madden Curse” may emerge once more.

Due to injury issues that both NBA 2K19 cover athlete Giannis Antetokounmpo and NBA 2K21 cover hero Damian Lillard faced after being selected, the NBA now has its own version.

The impending playoffs and the superstitious anxiety that landed Dončić on the 2K25 cover. Allen Iverson is the cover athlete for NBA 2K25.

NBA 2K25 Cover Athlete
NBA 2K25 Cover Athlete

Argument in Favor of a Well-Known Superstar:

Instead of selecting an upstart like Dončić, 2K Sports can choose an experienced superstar if they want to take a safer approach.

The most frequently mentioned choice is Kevin Durant, who will have further cemented his legacy. With the release of NBA 2K25 after likely winning his third championship and perhaps winning another Finals MVP trophy.

Additionally, Durant has experience appearing on 2K covers; precisely ten years prior, he was the cover athlete for NBA 2K15.

Back-to-back MVP Nikola Jokic, Defensive Player of the Year Marcus Smart, and Durant’s co-star Jayson Tatum are other contenders for the veteran superstar route.

It is possible that the cover may include Tatum and Dončić posing together. Any lineup would carry on the custom of using the NBA 2K series to showcase the biggest stars in the NBA right now.

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From this we conclude that high expectations are held for the individuals who will be featured on the cover of NBA 2K25. With Luka Dončić and Kevin Durant topping the fan poll as the summer of 2024 approaches.

Both players would be suitable choices to represent the best players in the league. But superstitious fans would rather that 2K Sports take precautions in case the curse persists.

Regardless of their decision, the disclosure will undoubtedly lead to discussion. About whether the publishers made the correct choice in basketball and gaming communities.

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