MLBB Vote Event 2023 Complete Guide

The rather expected annual MLBB vote event has made its go back in 2023, permitting players to vote for his or her preferred heroes and get rewarded with uncommon skins. The event is stay from May 5 to May 15, 2023. Continue reading to learn everything there is to know about participating and winning fantastic rewards.

MLBB Vote Event 2023 Complete Guide

Introduction to MLBB Vote Event 2023

The MLBB vote event is most important in-sport activities held by moonton every year. It shall we the sport’s international community vote for nominated heroes in numerous categories. Based on the quantity of votes received, the triumphing heroes in each class are introduced after the event.

Players stand a danger to earn free pores and skin chests containing one-of-a-kind skins just by way of vote casting. This event is the proper opportunity for MLBB players to expose their support and appreciation for his or her important heroes.

How to Participate in MLBB 2023 Vote Event

Participating within the 2023 edition of the MLBB Vote Event is simple and simple:

  • Open Mobile Legends and tap on the Vote Event icon on the house lobby.
  • The occasion website will open. Click at the "Vote" tab to begin.
  • Nominated heroes are included in categories such as Most Popular, Most Stylish, and so on.
  • Select the hero you desire to vote for beneath each category. You can vote once in keeping with day.
  • Submit your votes by way of clicking the button at the lowest.
  • The hero nominations refresh each 12 months. However, before you vote for your favorites go over the listings. Make certain to go back daily all through the occasion duration to solid your votes in the closing date.

Rewards and Prizes for MLBB Vote Event 2023

By participating in MLBB Vote Event, gamers can earn the subsequent reward milestones:

  • Vote 10 instances – Elite Skin Chest
  • Vote 20 times – Epic Skin Chest
  • Vote 30 instances – Legendary Skin Chest
  • Vote 40 times – Special Edition Skin Chest

These chests contain uncommon and unique skin variations for heroes that are not available normally. The Epic Chest, for example, may include Legends or Collector tier skins. The rewards get higher step by step with more votes.

Strategies and Tips for MLBB Vote Event

Follow those hints to maximize your chances of winning pores and skin chests:

  • Vote every day without any fail to no longer miss out any milestones. Set reminders if desired.
  • Spread out your votes for the duration of a couple of nominated heroes in location of genuinely one.
  • Prioritize voting for much less famous however deserving heroes who need manual.
  • Share and ask friends to vote to your favourite heroes for additonal votes.
  • Keep an eye on the present day vote casting standings which can be up to date in-sport.
  • Spend your tickets accurately in case you need a selected pores and skin from the chest rewards.

MLBB Vote Event 2023 Complete Guide


The MLBB vote event will allow players to reveal their apperciation for there preferred heroes and earn lots of skins at the same time as that. Don’t leave out the risk to make your move within the 2023 model taking place now. Vote diligently and you will probably sincerely win the elusive Legend pores and pores and skin you’ve always desired.

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