MLBB Ducati Phase 1 and 2 Latest Events December 2023

MLBB Ducati Phase 1 and 2: Hey there! Are you excited about the latest collab between Ducati and MLLB and searching for the complete information on MLLB Ducati phase 1 and phase 2 this page will contain all the required content for you. This new Collab will result in an exhilarating gaming experience as the most popular motor company Ducati is making a callab with the MLBB (Mobile Legends Bang Bang) and this collaboration will result in providing can completely new experience for the regular Mobile Legends Bang Bang.

Also, the one Major highlight is the two popular characters of the game are getting the Ducati-based skin and outfits which are looking really awesome.

MLBB Ducati Phase
MLBB Ducati Phase

This post will cover all the latest updates and information about the MLBB ducati Phase 1 and Phase 2 events. You can play and enjoy this new event on MLBB ducati event on the most popular Mobile platforms which are

  • Android
  • iOS
  • Windows PC (by using an Android emulator or Google Play games)

MLBB x Ducati Collab

MLBB and Ducati are now preparing an update which has a collaboration between the most popular sports motorcycle brand Ducati and Mobile Legends: bang bang (MLBB) this collab will resultĀ  In this latest MLBB Ducati you will Find the latest character skins which are created with the Collab with Ducati which will provide you fresh new MLLB game experience also not only characters but the Ducati popular motorcycles are also introduced in the latest MLLB event. What a deadly combination of the game of deserts getting superbikes, MLBB x Ducati collab will also unite the Ducati fans and the Mobile Legends players.

MLBB Ducati Phase 1 Task

The MLBB and Ducati collab event is organised in two phases which are phase 1 and phase 2. These phase events are the major highlight of the Mobile Legends game. As MLBB organizes regularly these types of events which makes its players’ experience more enjoyable and interesting.

Phase 1 will begin in December and users can take part in the tasks by earning free tokens and coins. Also, players can earn various free tokens and rewards by taking part in tasks in the events.

And one of the best things is that if someone by mistake missed these stuff then he/she can take part in these events in phase 2. Any updated detail will be updated here so you can check out here regularly.

MLBB ducati phase 2

It is the second phase of the greatest Collab gill now between MLBB and Ducati in which players can also use the Player event supply. Through this, he/she can easily get free tokens as well as can also purchase the player skins at very low prices out there.

Marksman Irithel and fighter Benedetta are the characters in the game who will get the special unique Ducati skins Which fall under the major component of this collab. As there is a good amount of time left until this phase comes so latest details regarding phase 2 will be updated here you can check out the next day here or on the official Mobile Legends Bang Bang site.

MLBB Ducati release date:

The release dates of these great events are as follows:

  • The release date for the phase 1 event is from 14 December to 17 December 2023.
  • Phase 2 will start on 28 December and will keep running until 31 December.

Any further announcements related to dates will be updated here so keep checking and refreshing here.

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MLBB Ducati Phase


In this post, we have covered almost every single point regarding the MLBB Ducati phase 1 and 2 as well as the complete information about the latest collab between MLBB and Ducati.

Various events are ready to launch on this great collaboration event. Which will start as phase 1 and phase 2. The Phase 1 and Phase 2 events are discussed above individually with the dates of every event. So you can check out here and on every latest update you can check out this page. Thank you

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