BGMI Prize Path Event All Details You Need To Know!

BGMI Prize Path Event All Details You Need To Know : You will get all the complete details and leaks on BGMI Prize Path Event. This will be the most fantastic event in the BGMI update history as per the fans. It will be more unique and different than other updates of game.

The prize path event is guaranteed by rewards just by spending some amount of UC in the game. All players will also have to complete various types of missions to get rewards from the events section. The prize path points will help them to earn players various things in the game

BGMI Prize Path Event
BGMI Prize Path Event

Battlegrounds Mobile India has introduced several events along in the past time . This will be revealed soon by the BGMI developers in form of new trailer. The game has now revealed a new and unique event in this update where players canĀ  get certain amount of UC. Player will have to complete missions to collect points and purchase in BGMI Prize Path Event.

BGMI Prize Path Event All Details You Need To Know!

The BGMI Prize Path Event is a unique guaranteed event where players will earn severe lrewards. Here players are required to spend an unknown amount of UC to get some rewards in event section of prize path. The event also has several levels included which can unlock 600 uc to players too and they can easily buy one royale pass. The BGMI Prize Path Event is going to become live on 2nd February and will end on 4th march 2024.

Here are the BGMI Prize Path Event rewards which we have mentioned down below :-

  • Level 1 :- Line friends dragon brown set and cover
  • Level 5 :- Line friends parachute.
  • Level 9 :- Line friends brown helmet which is time limited.
  • Level 10 :- Line friends pan skin permanent.
  • Level 14 :- Line friends plane finish skin time limited.
  • Level 15 :- Line friends dragon cony set and cover.
  • Level 19 :- Line friends glider skin time limited.
  • Level 20 :- Line friends lovey dovey 2 seat motorcycle skin level 1.
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BGMI Prize Path Event

How to earn Prize Path Points In BGMI To Redeem Rewards?

All players will have to spend 600 Uc to unlock all the missions of BGMI Prize Path Event. It is guaranteed that the amount of your invest UC is worth and going to be increased. Each mission will give you more amount of BGMI Prize Path Event points from which by completing you can earn various premium type rewards.

The players can receive maximum number of points by completing all the levels in the game and take fun of rewards. But for that they will have to focus more on missions while playing classic matches. After completing each mission the progress bar of BGMI Prize Path Event will increase automatically and become updated.

Here we have listed down and sorted all the important missions in BGMI Prize Path Event so do check this :-

  • Spend over 60 minutes in the game and get 50 prize path points.
  • Eliminate 1 enemy in total while driving the car in classic mode will get you 60 more points.
  • Deal 1200 damage to enemies only in arena mode and get 60 prize path points.
  • Complete 5 matches in classic mode also in new shadow force mode to get 100 prize path points.
  • Spend more than over 120 minutes in the game and earn 100 prize path points.
  • Open 6 Air Drops in the classic mode and earn 60 prize path points.
  • Finish 3 enemies in single match and earn 100 prize path points.
  • Spend 60 minutes in classic mode and earn 60 prize path points.
  • Finish 5 enemies with smgs in classic mode and achieve 100 prize path points.
  • Finish 2 enemies with vehicle and earn 100 prize path points.

These were all the important BGMI Prize Path Event missions which will get you prize path points very easily. These missions are time taking but easy to complete. This was all about the topic BGMI Prize Path Event see you in the next article thank you for reading till here.

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