How to Airstrike Mercenary Convoy in COD MW3 Zombies Latest

The Tier 2 undertaking, Interceptor, continues at the undead adventures of Operation. Deadbolt, which necessitates the destruction of a fleet of automobile. We’re right here to help you with this removal through displaying you a way to airstrike the Mercenary Convoy in COD MW3 Zombies.

How To Airstrike Mercenary Convoy in COD MW3 Zombies

The Medium Threat Zone starts near the main dual carriageway. Where you can discover the Mercenary Convoy (red line as proven underneath). I would say your high-quality wager is Zaravan Suburbs across the 10 to 20-minute time mark, as this appears to be a frequent spawn factor for myself and other gamers. Look out for three red-coloured automobiles on the map, which may appear randomly during your consultation.

Mercenary Convoy in MW3 Zombies

With this in thoughts, I recommend sticking around Zaravan Suburbs at some point of the later degrees of your consultation, and also you must receive a notification about their appearance. It’s also an wonderful concept to enroll in a squad for this quest, as it may be hard to do it solo.

Sometimes, you don’t need to get a car for this Mercenary Convoy in MW3 Zombies mission since the convoy can be stopped after you start shooting at them; at least, that’s what happened with my team.

If you continue to haven’t located the Mercenary Convoy, you could want to drive alongside the principle dual carriageway for them to spawn, probably close to the Mercenary Camp. But, whilst worse comes to worst, you may try once more in any other spherical to with a bit of luck get a better end result.

How to Airstrike Mercenary Convoy in COD MW3 Zombies

To Airstrike the Mercenary Convoy in MW3 Zombies, you should cast off any enemies within the 3 vehicles and the motors themselves. You don’t necessarily want an effective launcher to take them down, as you really can’t shoot at them until you’ve demolished them.

It can be an intense war full of zombies and mercenaries because of it being in the Medium Threat sector areas. Your guns have to be pack and punching is an appropriate equipment set in advance to withstand along the brutal attacks is mandatory.

As long as you spot the gear icon while capturing the vehicles, you should be one step in the direction of airstriking the Mercenary Convoy, permitting you to look for the last vital object for the Interceptor mission.

How to Collect a Stronghold Keycard Dropped by way of Mercenary Convoy

You can discover the Stronghold Keycard through looking across the destroyed Mercenary Convoy. However, some players have noted a glitch in which the project doesn’t development no matter choosing up the keycard. Thus, if this happens, you may want to, sadly, play the mission once more or make some area for your stock earlier than grabbing it.

How To Airstrike Mercenary Convoy in COD MW3 Zombies

A Few customers have indicated that it has taken them numerous attempts for it to work. So do bear that in thoughts. Hopefully, Activision will in the end restoration the issue to avoid any other troubles that have arise.

That covers the whole thing you want to recognize about the way to locate. And also airstrike the Mercenary Convoy in MW3 Zombies. For more assist, you can follow us and get different types of artciles like this. Thank you for reading this article.


To destroy or airstrike the Mercenary Convoy in MW3 Zombies. We have to use powerful weapons to eliminate enemies and vehicle in the convoy. Moreover, have great coordination with teammates which will help to fire on a specific targets. You have a to upgrade your loadout. And make sure that your loadout is optimized for dealing together with the zombies and also vehicles.

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