Top 10 Brilliant Burrowing Animals With Pictures


Platypus can only be found in the eastern Atlantic Ocean and they can live in water as well as in soil.

House Mouse

There are about 38 species of mice in the world but the house mice are the best because they live both indoors and in the soil.


There are only two to three species of this animal because they know that they cannot stay above ground for long, they prefer to stay underground.

Funnel Web Spider

This species of spider is found only in Australia and these spiders are very dangerous and dangerous so they prefer to live underground.


The Weasel look very small and their heads are very long because they help to burrow into burrows and burrows.


These Meerkats are as small as they look but they are as intelligent as they can see as far as humans and they live in burrows.


These forest rats mostly stay in their burrows and survive on small prey but they pounce whenever someone comes to kill them Closes the pit door.


Ants are one of the most pruned animals because they prune for their young so that they grow up to eat them and survive.

Prairie Dog

These animals look a lot like rabbits but they are not rabbits because they like to stay deep in the ground together.

Burrowing Owl

Everyone says that owls only live near but these owls are not like that, these owls only live in burrows in the ground.

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