500+ Free Web Directory Submission Sites List

Free Web Directory Submission Sites List: Get the top Instant approval web directory submission Website list with complete guide to submission and other updates.

Directory submission may be a good way to make top quality backlinks for any new site. SEO experts also recommended applying directory submission method to reinforce your SEO reach. Directory submission sites always helps your website to realize popularity on web search and also rank higher on web program.

This post is all about Directory Submission which will assist you understand all its aspects during a better way for overall improved site optimization and this post also provides you full directory submission sites list.

What are Directory Submission Sites?

Being the first aspect of off-page program optimization, directory submission may be a process that involves the submission of website links or URLs, including all website details during a web directory under a selected category.

With directory submission, you’ll boost the link building results to ascertain an improvement within the overall SEO of an internet site. How? Your website is submitted to a different website via these directories. to offer you a transparent view of the directory submission concept.

In simple words, web directories are nearly equivalent to phone directories.

The major advantage of these websites is that they boost the search engine’s ranking, which eventually increases the traffic. the first role of web directories is to enable website owners to submit their website’s information on the online directory.

Types of Directory Submissions

Majorly, there are three sorts of directory submissions; allow us to have a quick check out them:

  • Basic Directory Submission- during this single URL, one description and various titles are submitted to distinct categories.
  • Manual Directory Submission- during this program, several descriptions are worked for multiple titles and one URL.
  • Multiple Directory Submission- For this, numerous internal URLs of the identical website with various titles and descriptions are submitted.
Free Web Directory Submission Sites List
Free Web Directory Submission Sites List

Benefits of Web Directory Submission in SEO

Directory submission is one among the foremost helpful SEO approaches that are used. it’s various benefits, which is why bloggers and SEO experts roll in the hay . Here are a number of its major benefits:

  1. Boost Link popularity: For generating high-quality backlinks, directory submission has become an important SEO practice. Search engines believe in backlinks, and these sites can contribute to acquiring quality backlinks for your website. it’s a proven method for SEO ranking and link diversity.
  2. Better program ranking: If you list your website in top directories, your website will get the specified exposure. As per the experts, it’s the simplest thanks to boosting the program ranking and make links.
  3. Page indexing and blog post: With directory submission, search engines would offer you page indexing needless to say. Once the submission is formed, the program will commence locating your website via backlinks created from another website.
  4. Traffic generation: Needless to mention, if you employ the acceptable keywords, it can influence your Directory submission listed within the program. It automatically transmits the target group to your site despite having an honest program rank.

How to Submit an internet site to a Directory Submission Site?

  1. The primary thing you would like to try to do is to pick the simplest directory submission website from the list.
  2. Elect the website where you would like to submit your website or blog.
  3. then, take the category that goes perfectly together with your blog niche.
  4. Once you select the category, click on the submit link button, and your blog is going to be submitted to the directory.
  5. Still, there are a couple of steps left. Once you click on the submit link button, you’ll see various options on the screen to narrow down your selection.
  6. The last step would be to click on the add article button. After this, you would like to feature the small print like title, description, and URL.
    This is how you’ll submit an internet site to the directory submission site. Now, here is that the Directory Submission Sites List from where you’ll choose the location.

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Types of Directory Submission Sites

There are several sort of Directory submission sites, and with the assistance of them, you’d be ready to obtain quality backlinks for your website. There are eight sorts of submission types.

  1. Free Directory Submission Sites: These sites are free for directory submission, but there’s no certainty if the administrator would approve your link submission or not. The detriment of free sites is that they take tons of your time to offer results.
  2. Paid Directory Submission: If you decide on the paid listing, this will assist you in quickly generate backlinks. you’d need to pay a fee to the location administrator for submitting your business information here. These websites charge an annual or a lifetime package for providing facilities of Directory Submission.
  3. Automated Directory Submission: There are various tools and software available online which will be wont to submit these directories.
  4. Manual Directory Submission: This is often a rather time-consuming and hard method as here you’d need to do the entire task on your own.
  5. Nofollow Directory Submission: This method isn’t very successful because people never got the specified results. If you’ve got submitted the link during this Directory Submission, you’d need to take a calculative move.
  6. Dofollow Directory Submission: If you would like to extend the blog ranking, then this method enables you to urge SERP. tons of bloggers are using this method for getting organic traffic to their blogs.
  7. Niche Directory Submission: This unique method takes in RSS feeds, script and software, blogs, Web designers, Web hosting companies, SEO companies, and other online businesses in its functional domain. Every niche directory submission trades with a selected subject you’d get within the category under a general directory list.
  8. Reciprocal Directory Submission: once you activate the directory connection, you’d also want to submit a link. The directory administrator will approve this link, then you’ll acquire backlinks.

These were the kinds of directory submission sites; you’ll choose one as per your business needs and usage. Now, subsequent important thing to understand is that the steps to form directory submission.

Free Web Directory Submission Sites List 2021, 2022

Here is the list of Free Web Directory Submission Sites List and paid sites to choose from:

SL No.Website
3.Gigantic List.com
4.Advertise Era.com
6.Finder Master.com
8.Rectang Lead.com
9.Blog Directory.org
10.Iskin Online.com
11.Blogs Collection.com
12.Active Search Results.com
13.My Green Corner.com
14.Website Submit.net
15.Free Web Submission.com
16.Search Sonicrun.com
18.Scrub The Web.com
19.Touch Local.com
20.Biz Wiki.co.uk
22.Alive Directory.com
24.Web Squash.com
26.Online Society.org
28.New WebDirectory.com
30.Pegas US Directory.com
32.Elite sites Directory.com
34.All Free Things.com
36.Synergy Directory.com
38.Online Society.org
39.Cyprus Net.com
40.The Free Directory.co.uk
41.1Webs Directory.com
44.General Shopping Directory.com
46.H Log.com
47.Busy Bits.com
49.Think Fla.com
50.Add Oncon.com

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