Valkyrie Connect Tier List (August 2023) Best Characters

Valkyrie Connect Tier List (August 2023) Best Characters. This list is based on Valkyrie Connect version 1.1.10. and you will get the latest Valkyrie Connect Tier List updated on a monthly basis. Have fun reading.

Valkyrie Connect is a card game that has taken over the world by storm. The release of the Nintendo Switch version has created a new generation of Valkyrie Connect players. This tier list will cover the top 10 characters and will cover their strengths and weaknesses.

The Valkyrie Connect (VC) Tier List is a list of characters based on their performance on the VC system. With its plethora of different characters, it can be quite difficult to know which character you will be best off with. This tier list will help to alleviate that difficulty by providing players with a definitive guide to the different characters and their uses.

In Valkyrie Connect, there are over 35 characters in the game. In this blog post, we’ll go over all of the characters in Valkyrie Connect and rank them based on their strength in the game. We’ll look at the most powerful characters in the game, those that are best suited to be in matches with you, and the characters that you’ll want to avoid at all costs.

About Valkyrie Connect Tier List

The Valkyrie Connect Tier List is a collaborative effort by Hearthstone Players to rank every card in the game based on statistical significance. This list is updated regularly with data collected from games played on the ladder and tournaments. The list is constantly evolving as new cards are added to the game, and old cards fall out of relevance.

Valkyrie Connect Tier List

Valkyrie Connect Tier List

  • Savior Selene
  • Nine-Tailed Tamamo
  • Sunny Summer Noa
  • Noel Silva
  • Byakuya Kuchiki
  • Catalyst Morphea
  • Lust Scion Authumla
  • Kimono Maker Tsumugi
  • Peaceful Mediator Elineige
  • Dark Pursuer Alfani
  • Savior Asuka & Eva New Unit-02a
  • Catalyst Lodur
  • Savior Volta
  • Restoration God Umukahime
  • Virtuous Guard Lindworm
  • Sorceress Rumi
  • Savior Kaworu
  • Gallant Wolf Lupus
  • Raindropper Passo
  • Gentle Creator Takamimusubi
  • Truelove Freya
  • Ghostly Cenia
  • Vampire Lord Evileye
  • Savior Buri
  • Catalyst Ractinia
  • Angelic Hel
  • Fuegoleon Vermillion
  • Vindicator Griffin
  • Summer Sands Celestia
  • Divine Creator Kamimusubi
  • Illusion Scion Esquire

A Tier

  • Time Knight Chrissy
  • Poetry God Bragi
  • Snowy Bell Reim
  • Honest Thief Mikagura
  • Acrobat Kururu
  • Oath God Var
  • King
  • Catalyst Melvyn
  • Wise God Sutra
  • Mari & Eva Unit-08
  • Sun God Asuka
  • Beloved Bowman Etios
  • Summer Scion Frigg
  • Terrible Tornado
  • Mari & Fafnir
  • Lightning God Raika
  • Axe Maiden Elicia
  • Spirit Master Allion
  • Catalyst Shinji
  • Water Wolf Hati
  • Summer Parasol Raspi
  • Jubilant Dielle
  • Moon Bunny Mike
  • Demiurge
  • Lethal Bikini Sasha
  • Tamer Aemyna
  • Shining Moon Kaguya
  • Dark Star Helblindi
  • Fortune Fox Fu-Mei
  • Catalyst Mari
  • Cannon Master Canon
  • Spear Knight Geirrod
  • Eve Horn Raspi
  • Imperial Servant Taoyun
  • Mavis Vermillion
  • Mecha Marksman Schutz
  • Apocalyptic Rei
  • Gloxinia
  • Misery Magus Ipsum
  • Innocent Maiden Ciel
  • Elf Queen Quays
  • Vindicator Levina
  • Vindicator Manager
  • Chemist Fair
  • Cannon Mama Eleanor
  • Kagamine Rin
  • Vindicator Gratias
  • Envy Scion Misato
  • Catalyst Svend
  • Misato & AAA Wunder
  • Mad Pumpkin Mogthrasir

B Tier

  • Envy Scion Esquire
  • Night Conjurer Luka
  • Musician Musika
  • Fox Spirit Izuna
  • Match Girl Elena
  • Final Weapon Ultima
  • Catalyst Elm
  • Melveryn (10th Angel)
  • Savior Rei
  • Savior Donavia
  • Dual Horn Raspi
  • Dark Beast Tamer Luce
  • Mistletoe Wielder Mistel
  • Squirrel Girl Ratatoskr
  • Wandering Observer Kari
  • Valkyrie Radgrid
  • Dancer Nagisa
  • Lethal Bikini Risa
  • Renji Abarai
  • Gambler Ranco
  • Raven God Huginn
  • Magus Ipsum

C Tier

  • Alchemist Matisse
  • Vindicator Hrimthurs
  • Empress Miku-boda
  • Valkyrie Verdandi
  • Valkyrie Hirst
  • Phoenix Vidofnir
  • Catalyst Vios
  • Teasing God Byleist
  • Valkyrie Svipul
  • Hunting God Hodr
  • Zeref
  • Valkyrie Rei
  • Mermaid Marmalade
  • Seraph Reginleif
  • Cool Summer Radgrid
  • Disaster Box Dora
  • Spellsword Dielle
  • Raven God Muninn
  • Adventurer Granfelt
  • Kyudoka Mizuki
  • Bomber Pallone
  • Summer Seas Kaguya
  • Disc-Bearer Mona
  • Flower Girl Flora
  • Vampire Killer Vendetta
  • Wave Daughter Hong

D Tier

  • Gunslinger Wolfgang
  • Megurine Luka
  • New Year Ymir
  • 6th Angel
  • Hang
  • Bowman Etios
  • Wondrous Alice
  • Feline Defender Clawdia
  • Kagamine Len
  • Ken
  • Fate God Vali
  • Madoka Kaname
  • Mai Shiranui
  • Dreamers Livy & Lo
  • Noble Noebel
  • Cannoneer Canon
  • Succubus Liciela
  • Godmother Yvette
  • Royal Guard Siluria
  • Falconer Arnaud
  • Sweet Summer Urd
  • Thread User Luviria
  • Kimono God Vali
  • Ninja Momiji
  • Panda Girl Levin


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