Free Fire Upcoming Elite Pass Season 42 Updates, Features

Garena Free Fire Elite Pass Updates: Free fire upcoming elite pass Season 42 will arrive at November with lot’s of rewards, gun skins, outfits, more.

Garena Free Fire, one of the popular battles royale mobile gaming platforms in India, has listed its Season 42 Elite Pass for November 1. This season players can get a MP5 gun skin when he/she pre-order this Free Fire Elite Pass S42. This MP5 gun skin have some ability like, Rate of fire: (+1), Range: (+1), Movement Speed: (-1).

Free Fire Season 42 Elite Pass is nearly at its end, Garena Free fire will start a new month with a brand new Elite Pass. The Upcoming Season 42 Elite Pass will arrived in 1st November 2021. In this article, we have listed all rewards and prizes that you can get in upcoming Free Fire elite pass season 42.

What’s the Elite Pass in Free Fire?

Elite Pass is a league- grounded system where players can attain several exclusive prices in every league. Players have to complete certain operations to earn colophons, which will help them claim these particulars. The pass includes particulars like character packets, emotes, character fractions and skins.

The pass isn’t free, still, and there are multiple ways of earning it. Players would moreover have to use diamonds, which is the in- game currency of Free Fire, or buy the Elite Pass’s seasonal subscription. They can alsopre-order the pass by using diamonds, and will indeed admit redundant prices for doing so.

Upcoming Free Fire Elite Pass Season 42

Garena Free Fire gets a new Elite Pass every month. In this series, the upcoming month of November 2021 will also bring its new Elite Pass of Season 42. As always, we’re then with the new rewards like skins, costumes and other rewards of the coming Season’s Elite Pass.

Upcoming Free Fire Elite Pass Season 42

Analogous to all the former Elite Passes, the forthcoming Elite Pass of Season 42 will bring new Banners, Incorporations, Backpack Skins, Gun Skins, exclusive manly and womanish packets, and numerous other instigative prices. This post will partake complete prices coming with the S42 Elite Pass of FF.

What Is The Upcoming Free Fire Season 42 Elite Pass Release Date?

The Season 42 Elite Pass (S42 EP) is listed to release on November 1, 2021, and will be there in the game for the whole month of November. That’s why it can also be appertained as November 2021 Elite Pass.

Every month/ season, Free Fire gets a Free Pass also, along with the Elite Pass. The Free Pass brings some average- quality particulars for all players. So players will get to see Season 42 Free Pass also from November 1, 2021, itself.

When Will Free Fire Elite Pass Season 42 Pre-Order Start?

Inventors take in- gamepre-orders before releasing every new Elite Pass in Free Fire and offer an exclusivepre-order price. The Free Fire Season 42 Elite Pass pre-orders will start from October 29, 2021, and ends on October 31, 2021. Thepre-order of the EP can be made by paying a fixed sum of 999 diamonds.

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Garena Free Fire Elite Pass Season 42 Rewards?

  1. Sports Car Skin – 0 EP Badge
  2. Mask – 10 EP Badge
  3. Jacket – 15 EP Badge
  4. Banner – 30 EP Badge
  5. Icon – 40 EP Badge
  6. Womanish Pack – 50 EP Badge
  7. Bat Skin – 80 EP Badge
  8. Surfboard Skin – 100 EP Badge
  9. Banner – 115 EP Badge
  10. Grenade Skin – 125 EP Badge
  11. Icon – 135 EP Badge
  12. Spoil Box Skin – 150 EP Badge
  13. Pack – 200 Colophons
  14. Manly Pack – 225 EP Badge

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Benefits of Free Fire Elite Pass

The Elite Pass offers 100 prices, which you can get by ranking up. It also brings some exclusive gratuities. The Elite Pass Plus brings all the delicacies of Elite Pass along with a free upgrade to 25 Species, exclusive prices, and more. For your reference, one can buy the Elite Pass with UC or AG.

Simply if you purchase elite pass on free fire, you can get lots of extra rewards, outfits, gun skins, emote and many more prizes. The elite pass just need 499 diamonds for purchase on free fire.

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In this article, We have shared Free Fire Elite Pass S42 related all information, If you also a free fire lover, you can purchase this upcoming Free fire elite pass or pre-order on 29 October.


What is the release date of Free fire upcoming elite pass?

Free fire elite pass season 42 will arrive on 1st November 2021, and the pre-order will start from 29th October.

How many diamonds are needed to purchase elite pass on free fire?

Garena Free fire elite pass need 499 diamonds for purchase.

Is there any rewards from free fire for Pre-order the elite pass?

Yes!, You can get a MP5 gun skin, if you pre-order the elite pass on free fire.

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