Top Passive Characters in Free Fire After OB32 Update | Free Fire Best Passive Ability Characters

After OB32 update, over 20+ Character’s are available with passive ability, Get the list of most useful top passive characters in Free Fire to use in rank.

Garena Free fire was the most popular multiplayer battle royel game in India and other country also. There are over 43 characters in the Free Fire character roster after the OB32 patch update, but we have discussed here only the top passive characters in Free Fire.

Garena drops new characters with every major OB patch update. The characters have either an active or a passive skill that can be used on the battlefield. Players can only use one active skill at a time and can be add 3 more passive skill at a time on battle.

In this article, we are going to discuss about “Top Passive Characters in Free Fire” With a complete details, so stay tuned with us and all updates about free fire and other games.

About Top Passive Characters in Free Fire

Characters have, over the years, become an integral part of Free Fire. With every update, the developers usually add a new character, the latest one being Leon. Players can acquire any characters available in the game.

Except for Adam and Eve, every in-game figure has an ability that assists the players on the battlefield. While each one of them has a unique ability, there are several who stand out from the rest of the lot.

Top Passive Characters in Free Fire After OB31 Update
Top Passive Characters in Free Fire

Specifically, one of the most important features that you can unlock in this game are the characters, which are champions that you can select before entering a match, and that offer different sets of unique abilities and skills to improve a certain aspect of your gameplay.

That’s why we have shared a complete guide about Top Passive Characters in Free Fire, you can check this all of the information’s from below.

So, Let’s talked about the free fire most useful Top Passive Characters,

List of Top Passive Character in Free Fire

Here we have shared a complete guide about top passive character in free fire after this OB31 update of Garena. You can use this Characters on your rank matches, it’s must be help to win that match.

1. Kelly (Deadly Velocity)

In this list of top passive characters in Free Fire, Kelly was free fire top passive character. When you consider sprinting or movement speed in Free Fire. Her awakening ability can be attained by achieving some missions.

The character’s Deadly Velocity skill can improve the movement speed by 6%. Once awakened his ability provides an additional boost by dealing damage of 106% damage with the first shot.

2. Dasha (Partying On)

Dasha’s ability “Partying On“, has several effects including a decrease in the damage taken from falls by 30 per cent and recovery time by 60%. This passive ability is a great skill for pushing rank in the ranked mode as it also reduces the rate of recoil build-up and maximum recoil by 6%.

That’s why we have added Disha character in this Top Passive Characters in Free Fire list at 2nd position.

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3. Moco (Enigma’s Eye)

Moco comes with a special ability called ‘Engima’s Eye.’ The ability give a tagging ability to tag enemies shot for 2 seconds at its base ability (Level 1). It is a passive skill that increases the marking time on his enemies. At its base level marking on hit enemies last longer when enemies move, up to 2s.

Moco really a most useful character in free fire with his unique ability. That’s why we have added Moco in the list of top passive characters in Free fire.

4. Otho (Memory Mist)

Otho is the latest character on the Free Fire roster. He is introduced with the lately introduced OB30 update. His in-game description states that he is a memory tech engineer at this polytech university. He has a passive ability called ‘Memory Mist‘.

His ability to give the location of other enemies within a range of 25m (at Level 1) distance is revealed by this ability. As the level rises, the range increases up to 50m at max level (Level 6).

5. Shirou (Damage Delivered)

Shirou’s in-game description clearly states that ‘He is the fastest delivery guy around’. His ability is called “Damage Delivered“. This ability marks the first enemy that hits the player for 8 seconds. The first shot fired against the enemy deals an additional 100% bonus armour penetration.

In the OB30 update, his skill is buffed by reducing the cooldown time from 35 seconds to 25 seconds at its base level (Level 1) and at the max level (Level 6), it drops to 10 seconds. This is the list of the top 5 best characters in Free Fire for rank push for November 2021.

#6 Paloma

The best champions for those who like to rely on AR weapons, which are known as some of the best guns in the game. Sure, SMGs and Shotguns are great at short ranges, and can often outperform ARs given the right circumstances, but these assault rifles are better suited for a wide variety of situations. It’s ability was Arms-dealing (It’s Able to carry extra ammo without taking up inventory space)

In other words, ARs are often your best choice for primary weapons while your secondary slot is best filled with a weapon that you enjoy using the most, such as a nice Sniper Rifle.

Paloma is handy for players who use Assault Rifles. Her 180 AR ammunition doesn’t take any inventory space at the maximum level. Hence, the players can carry more utility items like medkits.

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#7 Rafael

Deal for the loners out there who often set up ambushes and want to keep their presence hidden at all times. Rafael is a master assassin proficient at stealth kills, a skill that’s made manifest with his “Dead Silent” ability (You will not be revealed on the mini-map for 8s)

Once activated, Rafael can shoot his weapons at the enemy without fear of getting marked on their minimaps, keeping his location relatively hidden as long as he has his skill active.

As he raises the level, more and more shots are missed on the minimap. It’s like having a silencer in all his weapons from the first moment of play. Here is the video presentation of Rafael in another region of the game.

#8 Shimada Hayato

In the list of free fire top passive character, Hayato has become one of the most popular characters in Free Fire, ever since he was released a year ago, on March 20, 2019. The reason behind his popularity is probably cool appearance and strong skill.

Hayato plays a vital role in long extended fights in Free Fire. He gains a lot of armour penetration when he is injured, which can come in clutch during matches. Overall, he is a character who provides an insane amount of long-lasting burst.

If you need a character that is good in one-on-one situations, then Hayato is the character for you.

Hayato’s Bushido skill gives 10% armor penetration for every 10% HP loss, which means he would have a maximum of 90% armor penetration at 20 HP. This makes the character super strong at 1 vs 1 fight – or “Duel”, pretty appropriate for a samurai.

His ability is also pretty useful if you are using a long-ranged snipe weapon as well – you can keep your HP low without any fear – the range alone might prevent you from getting hit. Miguel, Awakened Kelly, Laura or Antonio have the best skills to pair up with Hayato’s.

#9 A124

Battle Emotion is the specific skill of A124 character, which allows you to heal at s superfast pace. It’s much better than typical healing ways such as eating mushrooms, using med-kits, or Treatment Gun. It lets players refill HP quickly whenever and wherever they are in the battle.

This character has a unique skill of Battle Emotion that lets her convert EP into HP quickly during combats. Thanks to this ability, this robot is always the first choice for the front of the squad.At level 1, A124 can switch 25EP to HP, and you have to wait for 150 seconds for the next use.

At level 2, you can convert 30EP. And when you reach level 6, the highest level you can upgrade A124 to, you can convert 50EP. Besides, cooldown time decreases to 100 seconds. A124 was one of the top passive character in free fire with her ability power (She can convert part of the EP into HP).

A124 specialises in gaining health in crunch situations. She can quickly turn a part of EP (Energy Power) into a health gain. Normally, EP takes time to refill but if you are playing A124, they work as medkits. As you level her ability up, its cooldown lowers to 60 seconds and it can change 50 EP to instant health.

#10 Laura

For long-range combats, accuracy is the most important factor because your enemies will literally look like an ant on your phone. Whoever can shot more accuracy will win the fight. For that reason, Laura would be the best character for a sniper because her skill will increase your accuracy significantly.

Laura’s special survival skill is called ‘Sharp Shooter‘. This skill will increase the accuracy of Laura by a significant amount when she scopes in. This is the reason why she is one of the top passive character in Free Fire.

Her skill is super helpful for new players and casual players, who haven’t been able to control their aim properly. This skill is also great in long-range combats where accuracy is the most important factor.

Laura is a great pick if you are into long scoped-in fights in Free Fire. Her ability, Sharp Shooter, when levelled up, can gain up to 30% increase while scoped in, which is a lot of damage.Laura is equipped with an eye for precision.

This character can give you better accuracy when you scope in. This ability of Laura allows you to land headshots more often.

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Conclusion About Top Passive Characters in Free Fire

Specifically, one of the most important features that you can unlock in this game are the characters, which are champions that you can select before entering a match, and that offer different sets of unique abilities and skills to improve a certain aspect of your gameplay.

All over the article, we have shared a complete details about “Top Passive Characters in Free Fire”, hope this information can help you about to understand the free fire top passive character and there abilities. If you have any questions on this topic, You can raise a comment below. Thank You!!!

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