Tears of Themis Redeem Codes 2023 (May List) [Active!]

Looking for the latest Tears of Themis redeem codes? Check out our December list for Tears of Themis redeem codes, which come with exciting rewards for free. Whether you’re looking to save on your next purchase or get a free item, our codes are sure to help you out. Don’t miss out – head over to our website and redeem your code today!

Tears of Themis is the most popular free-to-play adventure game developed and published by miHoYo on 30 July 2020. Themis Redemption Codes, also known as TRCs, was a reward system that was used to redeem game content within the game Themis. The Arcs were redeemed through an in-game store called The Redeemer. The Arcs were created during the beta and were never redeemed.

This is a blog post on the Tears of Themis redemption code update for the month of December. As you know, the Tears of Themis promotion is a monthly promotion, and every month we will publish codes via a blog which you can redeem on the Tears of Themis redemption page Update. This blog post will cover all the details around the Redeem Codes, and how the codes could be redeemed.

If you want active Tears of Themis redemption codes to get free rewards in December 2023, This website is the right place for you. Check out these coupon codes for “Tears of Themis”, You can use these codes and get free exciting rewards. You can bookmark this page (Time-Tips) for all the latest updates and redeem codes. So, Claim and enjoy the rewards for free!

Tears of Themis Redeem Codes Overview

NameTears of Themis
Promo Codes Release MonthMay 2023
PlatformsAndroid, iOS
Codes StatusActive
RewardsStellin, Energy, Friendship Badge, and More!
Redemption Websitehttps://tot.hoyoverse.com/gift/
Official Sitehttps://tot.hoyoverse.com/

Tears of Themis Redeem Codes List

Here is the list of all the available Tears of Themis redeem Codes to redeem in May 2023, Use and get free rewards, such as Stellin, oracle of justice, energy, friendship badge, and other in-game resources. The newly released Themis Redeem Code is – YARED4S – Use this code and claim free in-game rewards. Here we have also shared some other redemption codes, these codes are also available to redeem in May 2023.

Tears of Themis Redeem Codes 2022 Active Codes
  • YARED4S – (New!)
  • TS6SZ822HLNF 
  • AA7SG92KHL7T 
  • YSNSG8J3YL53 

How to Redeem Tears of Themis Codes?

The Tears of Themis code redemption process is very simple, You just need to follow the guide that we mentioned below!

  • Go to Tears of Themis Redemption site. You can also visit the main website and find the Redeem Codes tab at the top right of the screen.
  • You must log in with your account to redeem any rewards. So, make sure to log in with the correct account.
  • Once done, enter your character’s name.
  • Now type your redemption code.

How to get more Tears of Themis Redeem codes that don’t expire?

If you want a new release of Tears of Themis codes that have not expired? You can check from our website “Time-Tips”. We continuously update here the new release redeem codes from the Tears of Themis official social handles. You can also check the Tears of Themis official Discord server and other social sites like Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Instagram, and YouTube handle.

Redeem Codes for Tears of Themis in 2023

Here we have also shared some gift codes for Tears of Themis. These codes may still be active to use, some of these codes may not work due to expiration. If you need an active Tears of Themis gift code, please check the above list.

PANAHRJ5EYVPRedeem this gift code for S-Chip x60, Stellin x20,000 Working Codes
RT7TZR2MEYVKRedeem this gift code for S-Chip x60, Working Codes
6S7TGRKMWYCXRedeem this gift code for S-Chip x60, Working Codes
DT6BGQZ7WAMXRedeem this gift code for S-Chip ×25, Working Codes
FS7AGRZ6XB5TRedeem this gift code for S-Chip ×25, Working Codes
9TNSGRYNETKPRedeem this gift code for S-Chip ×25, Working Codes
XS7AH8ZPFAK3Redeem this gift code for S-Chip ×25, Working Codes
SB6BY8Y7U4D3Redeem this gift code for S-Chip ×180, Working Codes
HAPPY ANNIVERSARYRedeem this gift code for S-Chip x180 Working Codes
TOT1STANNIV7Redeem this gift code for Tears of Themis – Limited x1, Working Codes
TOT1STANNIV6Redeem this gift code for S-Chips x30, Working Codes
TOT1STANNIV5Redeem this gift code for S-Chips x30, Working Codes
TOT1STANNIV4Redeem this gift code for S-Chips x30, Working Codes
TOT1STANNIV3Redeem this gift code for S-Chips x30, Working Codes
TOT1STANNIV2Redeem this gift code for S-Chips x30, Working Codes
TOT1STANNIV1Redeem this gift code for S-Chips ×30, Working Codes
ACRED1BZMRedeem this gift code for S-Chips ×30, Working Codes

Expired Codes

  • HAPPY ANNIVERSARY – Expired Code  
  • TOT1STANNIV7 – Expired Code  
  • TOT1STANNIV6 Expired Code  
  • TOT1STANNIV5 Expired Code  
  • TOT1STANNIV4 – Expired Code  
  • TOT1STANNIV3 – Expired Code  
  • TOT1STANNIV2 Expired Code  
  • TOT1STANNIV1 – Expired Code  
  • ACRED1BZM – Expired Code  
  • YSPSZRYJR3D3 – Expired Code  
  • DAPAZ8HJ83VX – Expired Code  
  • 8B6TH9ZJQ3VB – Expired Code  
  • 9A6AHQYKQ3S7 – Expired Code  

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All the redemption codes come with a time limit after it does not work. So, before expiring the codes redeem them and collect your rewards.

We keep Redeem Codes for new games like this if you want you can follow our website (Time-tips) and learn about the latest games, our site has written about different games, if you want to know anything about any game then definitely contact us. Stay tuned thanks.

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