Top 10 Strongest Mage in Mobile Legends for Rank Push 2022

Strongest mage in Mobile Legends: Get the list of top 10 strongest mages in mlbb for solo rank push after updates without any support in this 2022.

Mobile Legends Bang Bang is an action part-playing game developed by Mooton, which features 5v5 battles. If you want to push your rank up to grand master or mythic glory with mage’s, you can follow the list that we listed below.

In this article, we are going to discuss about the strongest mage in Mobile legends. If you want to push your rank in solo, You can use this mage heros. These list of mages are relay very powerful and can help to defeat your opponents.

Top 10 Strongest Mage in Mobile Legends for Solo Ranked

Mages are basically used to give support your team, but in a solo rank push it’s may be hard to play, Here we have shared top 10 strongest mages in Mobile legends to push you rank easily.

Strongest Mage in Mobile Legends

#1. Lunox

Lunox isn’t only a destructive Mega that can snappily tear down an adversary’s HP-but it’s also hard to kill, just for this skill lunox is one of the strongest mage in mobile legends.

Lunox does ruinous damage per second and slows down adversaries. Lunox’s vulnerable target is delicate to escape due to her bothersome slow effect.

Also, Lunox is an independent Mage that can master incoming attacks for her ultimate skill, which makes her insurmountable for numerous seconds.

#2. Harith

In the list of most strongest mage in mobile legends, Harith is the 2nd best mage. Still, you formerly know how tough it’s to deal with it, If you’ve ever played with Harith.

He can deal with extraordinary explosive magic damage while being veritably mobile at the same time. It’s nearly insolvable to avoid a good Harith stoner.

Still, Harith can be disastrous because his chops can beget serious damage. Also, Harith’s unresistant chops make it delicate for the opponent to ply an followership control effect.

All chops formerly have veritably low cooldowns, but his ultimate skill reduces his CD timekeeper, making him indeed more deadly and dangerous to the adversary platoon.

#3. Chang’e

In a recent patch, Chang plant a good buff that converted him from a support hero into a Marsman type heros! She’s a Mage hero who can fluently wipe out any tank heros in mobile legends. We are highly recommend you to use this mage hero for solo rank push in mobile legends bang bang.

Her unresistant skill allows her to make on Magic Damage, which can also be used on introductory attacks to spark 2 chops.

Her ultimate skill, the meteor, destroys the entire adversary platoon with a massive quantum of damage and a really long- range, allowing her to deal with damage from a safe distance.

Lots of players have crossed the solo line using this underage Mage idol. She also has the loftiest winning rate in the current meta.

#4. Esmeralda

To date, Esmeralda is the most powerful mage hero in Mobile Legends, as Esmeralda has unlimited and heavy damage.

Esmeralda can be able to dealing 2 damage in each attack. His inactivity allows his opponents to deal with physical and magic damage. It was one of the most redoubtable opponents to face at the morning of themid-game. For that’s skill we have count her in this list of strongest mage in Mobile legends.

Esmeralda is frequently banned from matches with advanced situations because a certain strategy is demanded to master this hero.

#5. Cecilion

Let’s talked about another strongest mage in mobile legends, The Cecilion has explosive burst damage. This ability was enough to distroy any kind of tank in Mobile legends. If you want to push your rank in solo you can choose cecilion.

His chops include substantially attacking spells, but his late- life gives him less protection.

At the end of the game and with specific particulars, Cecilion can wipe out squishy icons in one attack.

#6. Kagura

Kagura is still a veritably most powerful mage in mobile legends. She’s a pain in the burro with that annoying marquee and her quintet chops. Kagura can be fight solo without support.

She fluently dominates the stage thanks to her superior chops. She can also break crucial pretensions during fights.

Although Kagura is a kind of idol, she needs a lot of practice and specialized moxie, and once you can use her effectively, you can push her to her limit and help her platoon succeed. It can turn into a veritably deadly Voodoo with a lot of capabilities.

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#7. Harley

Hardly also a strongest mage in mobile legends was Harley, he can be fight solo with any kind of heros.

He has a lot of tricks and cards to play up his sleeve (the purpose of discipline). He has a low Koon AoE Damage Magic skill by throwing cards to adversaries.

He has a great blink skill that allows him to zip in and out of battle and a deadly Ultimate skill that can battle adversary icons one after another will be removed from the chart.

#8. Guinevere

Guinevere is a veritably strong and one of the ml stylish hero. Guinevere have fighter + mage ability that make her stronger then other heros.

Guinevere can deal with heavy spell damage and has inconceivable CC. She can surprise adversaries for a many seconds and kill them in the air. Oh, and she does all of this for a many seconds when she’s stupefied and ineffective!.

Indulge in a fight to start a fight, knockdown an adversary hero or two, blink an eyelid and let your teammates rest.

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#9. Valir

Valir is another strongest Mage in Mobile Legends that can exclude and destroy adversary brigades during platoon battles.

He has a unresistant skill that deals damage over time, as well as a number of Crowd- Control (CC) chops that can damage multiple AOE, which literally burns down adversary heros.

Their fire capacities are more effective when used in duos- Revenge Honey, Valir’s ultimate skill, enhances his 1st and 2nd active chops.

The great thing about Valir is that, unlike other OP Mages, they’ve no literacy wind. Anyone, from freshman to pro player can effectively use Valir and suppress adversary brigades as long as you can keep it straight and spam your chops.

#10. Alice

Alice basically is a tank and mage hero, Alice is presently a veritably meta hero in Season 21. Hero Alice also frequently gets banned from players, this is because Alice is veritably worrisome in Mobile Legends.

Alice’s capability has heaps that can be attained after defeating pets, each mound will increase Alice’s attributes which will make her indeed more deadly. Of course, this idol is veritably thick and strong at the same time has high damage.

In this article, we have listed the top ten strongest mage in Mobile legends for solo ranked, you can choose this hero’s to gain Grand master and also upper this tire. If you have any queries on this topic, You can raise a comment below. Thank You!!!

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