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PUBG Mobile lite Season 36Winner Pass Release date, Reward,

PUBG Mobile lite Season 36Winner Pass Release date, Reward, Season 36 Winner Pass on PUBG Mobile This is the new Pass for Season 36 of PUBg

Pubg nonfat season 36 winner passleaks, prices, release datepubg mobile lite is a game that has not lost its fashionability indeed after being banned in India, rather players are always agitated about its updates and eagerly stay for its updates, winner pass updates are one of them, we ’ll be participating you all the details related to Pubg nonfat season 36 free winner pass leaks, prices, release date and will also tell you the possibilities of getting Pubg nonfat winner pass season 36 for free.

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About PUBG Mobile lite Season 36Winner Pass Release date, Reward,

The winner pass included in pubg mobile lite signifies that the coming season’s winner’s pass 36 will be apprehensive of the benefits that will be offered in the new winner pass season 36. These generally include leaks, prices release dates, and the gratuitous particulars that are decreasingly likely to be released.

PUBG Mobile lite
GamePUBG Lite
Winner PassThe winner paas 36
Release Date1 April 2022
Elite pass Price280 BC
Elite pass plus price800 BC
Winner Pass 36 upcoming date1 May 2022

PUBG Lite Season 36 Winner Pass Release Date

The winner pass is blazoned every month on PUBG Mobile lite. It comes with numerous priceitems.The winner seasons 36 will be released in the morning of the 1st of April, 2022 715 AMTo launch the release date for every winner pass. go to the winners pass section in the pubg mobile WP’soption.The given charge situations, as well as the release date and ending date, are displayed at the morning of the charge. and from there, you’ll determine the date of release for the winning pass.

Release time of the forthcoming Winner Pass 36 in different regions on April 1

  • Bangladesh8.00 AM
  • Nepal7.45 AM
  • England2.00 AM
  • Pakistan7.00 AM
  • USA9.00 PM on March 31 (New York Time)
  • Russia 7-8.00 AM
  • Indonesia 8-9.00 AM
  • Japan12.00 PM

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How to upgrade Winner Pass

It’s veritably easy to upgrade Winner Pass 36, you can upgrade it by following these easy way.

  • First of all open pubg mobile lite
  • After entering the lobby, we will see the option of wp section.
  • You can upgrade it by clicking there.

PUBG Mobile Lite Winner Pass Price

The cost of the winning pass during the game is set in two ways. If you buy an elite pass during thegame.Then you’ll bear the 280BC.However, you’ll bear 800 BC generally, a winner pass worth 280 BC can be bought, If you’re looking to buy an elite pass.

How can you gain a the winner pass for free

To gain the winner pass season 36 at no cost, you must buy one winner pass to insure that upon completing thechallenge.You ’ll be eligible for the winner pass for 280. it’s the stylish system to admit free WP.

Does the winner pass include upgraded ordnance?

Winner Pass doesn’t include upgrade ordnance, but it does include some gun legendaries, skins that can be upgraded. can not be included within Winner Pass because they’re extremely rare.

What are the advantages of completing the operations in Winner’s Pass?

BC and prices can be claimed upon successful completion of the charge in Winner Pass.

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PUBG Mobile Lite Winner Pass Season 36 Reward

Players should note that the prices aren’t for free; they’ve to spend 282 BC for Elite Pass and 800 BC for Elite Pass Plus. They’ve to buy the BC currency with their real plutocrat. Druggies must spend the needed BC quantum to claim the prices. Then are the blurted prices for the forthcoming Season 36 Winner Pass

  • Dayman Outfit.
  • Soldier Outfit.
  • Simple Nonentity Outfit.
  • Amber Raider Outfit.
  • Mr. Busybee Helmet skin.
  • Masked Wasp Helmet skin.
  • Chrono Cyborg Helmet skin.
  • Samurai Ops Backpack skin.
  • Butterfly Musketeers Backpack skin.
  • Rock Cabochon Pack skin.
  • Coastal UAZ auto skin.
  • Puritanical Maiden – UAZ skin.
  • Conjure Butterfly parachute skin.
  • Thorn Trooper parachute skin.
  • Briar Rose outfit.
  • Frog Tourist Cover skin.
  • Frog Tourist outfit

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