Path To Nowhere Tier List (February 2023) All Sinners

Looking for a Path To Nowhere Tier List? Our February 2023 Path To Nowhere tier list has everything you need to know about the game’s characters.

The Path to Nowhere” is a series of blogs where I talk about how to get onto the path to tier I in the Path to Nowhere Challenge. The challenge is a competitive challenge where the goal is to get the highest tier (tier I) by February 2023. In each of the blogs, I will talk about the different paths you can take to get onto the path to tier I.

Lost in the chaos of the Path to Nowhere are many unseen heroes and villains who never got a chance to shine. It is easy to bemoan the end of the main storyline, but overall, I think that this is a good thing. The Path to Nowhere opens us to a world without limits where GMs and players are free to explore new ideas and create their own adventures.

In Path to Nowhere, you lead a team of adventurers on a mission to the center of the earth. The game is an adventure card game. Each player enrolls a set of adventurers to venture down to the depths of the earth. Each adventurer has their own special abilities that determine how they can interact with the cards in Path to Nowhere. The game consists of two decks of cards, a set of adventurer decks, and an encounter deck. The adventurer deck consists of the heroes and their special abilities.

About Path To Nowhere Tier List

PATH TO NOWHERE is a tier list that ranks Hearthstone cards by their potential power level in tournament decks. The goal is to help players choose the best cards for their style of play, based on data collected from actual competitive play.

Path To Nowhere Tier List

PATH TO NOWHERE is crowdsourced, and card ratings are updated every day. It’s designed to help you draft better, shortcut your gameplay experience, and make winning more likely. You can also explore the full PATH TO NOWHERE database to see how individual cards interact with each other.

Path To Nowhere Tier List Sinners

Path To Nowhere Tier List Sinners Ranking Table
CatalystAriel, HamelAnne, MachiattoChameleon, FoxLisa
EnduraChelsea, Kava-Kava, DemonKK, Peggy, DemoliaCinnabar
FuryZoya, NoxWendy, Che, PicassoMess, Ninety-Nine, Dolly, Horo, HellaPepper
UmbraCrache, Labyrinth, Bai Yi SerpentGekkabijinTetra, Sumire, Iren
ReticleEMP, Langley, PricillaRouLecca, Flora, SummerWolverine
ArcaneLuvia Ray, EireneVictoria, Hecate, AstrologerJoan, Ignis, OliverKelvin 


Sinner Rating
Hamel SS
Ariel SS


Sinner Rating 
Demon S


Sinners Rating 
Nox SS 
Zoya SS
Picasso S
Che S
Wendy S
Hella A
Horo A
Dolly A
Ninety-Nine A
Mess A
Pepper B


Sinners Rating 
Bai Yi SS 
Labyrinth SS
Creche SS
Serpent S
Gekkabijin A
Iren B
Sumire B
Tetra B


Sinners Rating 
Pricilla SS
Langley SS
Summer S
Flora S


Sinners Rating 
Luvia RaySS
Astrologer S
Hecate S
Victoria S
Oliver A
Ignis A
Joan A
Kelvin B

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