The Most Banned Champions in Pro Play 2023?

Are you looking for information on the most banned champions in pro play? Then you’ve come to the right place! We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 most banned champions in pro play for 2023. From Ahri to Syndra, we’ve got all the info you need. So who’s on the list? Click to find out!

Banning one of the Most Banned Champions in Pro Play League of Legends is something you must perform in every best game you play. I would certainly always suggest outlawing a champion instead of restriction nothing, yet each is to their very own. Some champions receive even more bans than other champs in the video game.

This may result from a number of problems ranging from overall toughness in the current meta, how annoying they’re to bet, or how very easy it is to continue them.

This listing is in order from many banned to the very least prohibited. We are also making use of statistics from around the world, in all ranks. The number is additionally rounded to the closest number. Subscribe to Mobalytics for even more pointers to boost your climb!

About The Most Banned Champions in Pro Play 2023?

The Most Banned Champions in Pro Play 2022

Organization of Legends Esports was off to an extraordinary start in January with all the areas officially beginning their corresponding specialist periods. The beginning of a new period is constantly intriguing to see as gamers come out with all guns blazing as well as showcase one-of-a-kind or unusual choices.

Early on in the split, champs like Darius, Annie, Akshan, Zed, Karthus, Seraphine, and also Singed were chosen across the 4 big leagues – China’s League of Legends Pro Organization (LPL), Organization of Legends Champions Korea (LCK), Organization of Legends European Champion (LEC), as well as The United States and Canada’s League of Legends Champion Collection (LCS).

However, naturally, as the Spring split advanced, areas and teams determined staple choices that would absolutely function well with the existing meta. In various other situations, particular champions are not chosen as a concern but as a way to counter their learners.

List of The Most Banned Champions in Pro Play

here is listed Most Banned Champions in Pro Play names and more details in below.

#1. Wukong

When Trouble Games specified that it intended to bring forth adjustments to the meta before MSI 2023, it introduced a variety of adjustments to Wukong’s set to make him a popular jungle. In LoL Spot 12.7, Riot offered his package aficionados in the form of cooldown reduction for his Q – Squashing Blow, and also his W – Warrior Charlatan.

Additionally, Wukong can currently review walls while he is invisible. His E – Nimbus Strike, will currently deal an extra 30% damage to beasts as well as jungle camps, as well as the capability’s AP proportion is additionally obtaining a 20% boost. Riot Games’ intention of making the Ape King a jungle worked extremely efficiently at MSI since he has an insane clear speed as well as likewise has the capability to make or damage group battles.

#2. Zeri

Zeri is undoubtedly the champion who noted the 2023 season. Considering that her launch in January, she has actually been essentially completely picked or banned in the competitive scene, along with on the ladder. She has actually been so solid that Trouble Gamings has had to apply many nerfs to her package throughout the year– however she remained in the spotlight.

She has had a 67 percent choice and bans existence, according to League statistics aggregate Gamings of Legends. Technically, she had not been the most-banned champ in expert play, however, she had the most consistent restriction rate in every area.

Because she received an additional nerf ahead of the World Championship, she might fail toward the end of the season. However realistically, she’ll probably survive her most current nerf like she did the previous times.

#3. LeBlanc

LeBlanc is a snowball-heavy champ who can solo-carry the video game with a couple of very early kills. She strikes her power spike at degree two with her Q – Sigil of Malice and also W – Distortion combo. She can chunk down the opponent’s HP in the blink of an eye and produce advantages for the group like a real assassin if played effectively. Pro players highly prioritize this choice given that it is extremely useful in the lane and also one needs to be mechanically audio to pull off great plays.

#4. Pyke

In the current spot master+ Elo, Pyke has an overwhelming restriction rate of 38.5%, ranking initially among support champions. Pyke’s statistics are rather great in the ordinary elo, however, they’re much more fantastic in the master+ elo. Nevertheless, it is a waste of abilities to put all the skills and effort just to kill Pyke.


Since he’s just frustrating to deal with as a champ, master Yi is the jungle that everybody dislikes seeing in the enemy group.In reduced ELOs, he’s the perfect champ to initiate ganks and also deal a ton of damages because players can not time their group control effects properly, so he comes to be exceptionally slippery.

Master Yi comes to be easily fed considering that a lot of his ganks are successful. He can constantly go on side lanes to split push till he solitarily wins the video game with all the complications if that falls short.
While Master Yi lacks any kind of existence in the greater divisions of the video game,

he’s nearly permanently banned by players in Gold as well as below. Riot Games had planned for him to come to be a superb champ to introduce to jungling, but it appears the ease of his layout has actually enabled gamers to abuse him in the lower rankings. That’s why he’s THE most prohibited champ in the reduced departments.


Who is the most banned champion in the Worlds?

The number one banned champion in this Worlds Tournament is Aatrox. He is banned in 1 out of 4 games in the entire tournament. He is truly the most picked and banned champion of the tournament.

How many champions will Riot release in 2023?

Just recently, Riot confirmed that they would release 5 new champions each year in a “ free champion rotation ” meaning they would not be available for direct purchase with real money. Looking through the 2018 champions, Riot has already released a total of 15 new champions. The total number of champions they have just this year alone is 15.

Will Riot make Silco a champion?

“Silco” is a champion in the game League of Legends made by the community. In lore, he is a revolutionary leader who seeks to overthrow the corrupt Noxian High Command in order to usher in a new era of prosperity for the people of the Noxus frontier. He is also a long-time friend of _, who once was his right-hand man.

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