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Best Ledies Beauty Parlour Services List in India 2023

Know about the Best Ledies Beauty Parlour Services List in India at 2023 – Hair Treatments, Manicures, Waxing, Threading to Massages, Facials with many more, Let’s Discuss on Beauty Parlour Packages list in India 2023 with Price. all services on Women Beauty saloon.

Beauty Parlour Packages list in India 2023

Beauty Parlour Packages list in India 2021

Ledies Beauty Parlour Services List in India 2021

Ledies Beauty Parlour Services List in India with Basic Price

Best Ledies Beauty Parlour in India 2021
  • Facial
  • Body waxing
  • Makeup
  • Hair Cut
  • Hairstyling
  • Hair Colouring
  • Head Massage
  • Face threading
  • Hair Care Treatment
  • Pedicure
  • Manicure
  • Skin Care Treatment
  • Trimming
  • Bleaching Service
  • Hair perming / straightening
  • Hair smoothening
  • Nail art

Ledies Beauty Parlour Services List in India 2023

TypePrice Range
Under Arms100-200
Full Body1200-1500
Hair Service
Hair Cut300-500
Wash only250-500
Straightening & Smoothening1500-2500

Ledies Beauty Parlour Services List in India with Basic Price

Look at the basic Service Chart with price list in India’s beauty Saloons at 2023,

Salon Menu Price List

Best Ledies Beauty Parlour in India 2023

Clean and well-cared skin and hair bounce in itself and increase your confidence. that’s why it’s good to require care of those personal aspects.

And the place that’s getting to assist you is Beauty Salons. there’s a price range of those beauty salons. to assist you within the process of getting perfect grooming here goes the simplest Ledies salon List. Let’s check the Top 5 Best Ledies Beauty Parlour in India 2021.

Lakme Salons

Lakme is an Indian cosmetics brand which is owned by Hindustan Unilever. it’s counted because the best salon chain in India. you’ll find international level services here.

It has over 270 pinnacle saloon and 10 Lakme studios everywhere the country. aside from their saloon services, their range of products is employed by many women within the country.

At Lakme salons, you’ll encounter only professionally trained experts to offer you tremendous service and mesmerizing makeover.

The salon visit doesn’t just cause you to look good but also step up your mood. you are feeling refreshed with an exquisite Lakme salon service. Every penny you spend here is justified with the standard of service you get.

Shahnaz Husain Salon

Shahnaz Husain is India’s one among the simplest herbal care brands; Its products are made with the natural source of beauty ingredients. Their salon chains were started in 1979.

Their chains are supported the unification of Ayurveda treatment, along side the newest scientific treatment.
The Shahnaz Husain brand is trendy within the beauty and anti-aging segment. Their salon chain services are even within the budget of a middle-class family too.

It runs over 200 salons and spas worldwide offering herbal beauty treatments and Shahnaz Husain products.

Jawed Habib Hair & salon

Jawed Habib is one among the trending hair & salon chains in India. It operates a complete of 322 outlets across 21 states within the country.

The ambiance of the salons reflects the eagerness and heat of the brand. once you enter into one among the Jawed Habib salons, the ambiance, and personalized services ensure client satisfaction.

Their vision is to supply high quality hair and wonder services in India. Experts train the stylist.

Jawed Habib follows the newest trends altogether their salons.


VLCC may be a world-class salon that gives beauty and hair services in 9 countries. It helps in grooming one’s personality, along side providing the right treatment to your face and hair.

VLCC offers a good range of products from skincare, body care, hair care, foot care along side pain-relieving products.

VLCC has their training institutes too to assist girls, homemakers learn the grooming and become knowledgeable within the field of beauty and glamour.

The brand also features a reputation for build up professionals who are known for grooming one’s personality.

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L’oreal Professionnel Salons

L’oreal Professionnel Salons combines the eagerness for fashion with the foremost innovative technology.
Their professionals possess strong links with top designers, photographers, and wonder and fashion magazines, to boost the profile of the hairdressing industry.

The brand offers exclusive education courses providing the foremost innovative products, fantastic artistic opportunities, and business-building initiatives.

It offers an entire range of services from hair, nails, skin, and other beauty services. And spread its outlet in most of the cities in India.


There was lot’s of beauticians in India, here is the most popular beauticians name,

  • Vidya Tikari
  • Ambika Pillai
  • Shalini Singh
  • Chandni Singh
  • Sanjib Majumder
  • Anu Kaushik
  • Shruti Bajpai

 Here is the Top and Best Beauty Saloons in India,

  • L’oreal
  • VLCC
  • Jawed Habib
  • L’oreal Professionnel Salons
  • Sehnaj Hussain
  • Naturals

It would be difficult to say how many salons are there in India. Approximately, as the total number of villages, towns & cities in India is around 1,000,000. Therefore, the estimated number of hair salons and barbers in India would be approximately 7 million.

Approximately there was 2330+ beauty parlours in Kolkata.

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