Free Fire Winterland Sledge Faded Wheel Update, Rewards

This december garena introduce an another event, Free Fire winterland sledge faded wheel event, Get 2 In 1 sledge bundle, gingerbread man bundle.

There was a new event has arrived in free fire luck royel faded wheel, call “Free Fire Winterland Sledge Faded Wheel”. There was a new age event was already running in free fire, this event also come with this event, we have shared all the details about this event, you can check it from below.

In this article, we are going to discuss about free fire winterland sledge faded wheel event and it’s related all updates and rewards. So, Stay tuned with us and get free fire all latest updates.

About Free Fire Winterland Sledge Faded Wheel

Free Fire Winterland Sledge Faded Wheel

Garena always comes with new new offers, event and updates. This winter garena added the winterland sledge faded wheel with lot’s of rewards and items. The event will begin on 27th December 2021. Players would get prices like 2 In 1 Sledge Bundle, Gingerbread Man Bundle, and numerous further during the event period.

About Free Fire Sledge Bundle

The Sledge Bundle was really a amazing and unique item in free fire, After using this item when you start a BR rank mood, you can be fry with this bundles, you don’t need to set on the airplane.

Free Fire Winterland Sledge Faded Wheel Release Date

This free fire new faded wheel will start from 27th December 2021 and it’s running for 7days, so the faded wheel will expire on 2nd January 2022. So, don’t be late try your luck and get the amazing items and rewards.

How to Get Free Fire Sledge Bundle from Faded Wheel?

You can claim the sledge bundle from free fire faded wheel, you need to follow the process.

  • Open Free Fire on your Device
  • Click on the Luck Royel Option from Left side of your screen.
  • Click on the Faded Wheel Option.
  • Select any 2 items, that you don’t want to be claim.
  • Now Spin and try your luck.

Note: The sledge bundle or other items is not free to claim, it will charge some diamonds to spin the faded wheel. So, before spin must be confirm you have enough diamonds on your I’d.

How Much Diamonds are needed to get Sledge Bundle?

If you want to get the faded wheel items, like sledge bundle or gingerbread bundle, you must need some diamonds for purchase. The price starts with 9 diamonds, while the eighth spin will take 499 diamonds. Overall, players will have to expend total 1082 diamonds to get all eight particulars from this faded wheel.

Faded Wheel start from 9 Diamonds and it will increase after each spin. The Diamond costs of the spins are 9, 19, 39, 69, 99, 149, 199, 499 respectively. At the launch, you can remove 2 unwanted prizes from the wheel to have further chance of getting the prize you want.

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Free Fire Winterland Sledge Faded Wheel All Rewards, Items

Here we have listed all the items that you can purchase from this sledge faded wheel, you can check all the details from below.

  • Sledge Bundle
  • Winterlands Backpack
  • The Deer and the Bell
  • Reindeer’s Snowboard
  • Pet skin Snow Catamount
  • Gingerbread Man Pack
  • Winterlands Loot Box
  • Elf, Old Man, and the Elk parachute
  • 1x Cell Scrap
  • The Gingerbread Man icon
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All over the article, we have shared a complete information about free fire winterland sledge faded wheel events and updates. Hope you got all informations about this topic. You have any other questions on this topic, You can raise a comment below. Thank You!!!

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