Free Fire Spacespeakers Event: Get Limited Edition Bundle’s

Free Fire Spacespeakers Event: There was a another event arrive in Garena Free Fire luck royel, “Spacespeakers Event“, Get limited edition bundles.

The developers of Garena always come with new event’s and rewards for his players. This season there was various event and rewards are coming in this free fire like, “Free Fire Spacespeakers Event”.

In this article, we are going to discuss about Free Fire Spacespeakers Event and it’s related all updates and rewards. So stay tuned with us and get all latest updates from free fire.

About Free Fire Spacespeakers Event

There was a new event has arrived in free fire with new rewards. Free Fire Spacespeakers Event, in this event there was a various most amazing bundles and rewards are available to claim.

Free Fire Spacespeakers Event

This event has arrive on 13th January 2022 on free fire with various Rewards like, Iced Glare Bundle, Hip-hop Gaze Bundle, Pink Wink Bundle, Silent Scrutiny Bundle with many more. We have shared the complete list of rewards on this Free Fire Space speakers Event, you can get all details from below.

Free Fire Space speakers Event Release Date

The free fire spacespeakers event has been arrived in 13 January 2022 on the free fire luck royel. This event was available only for 7 days so, if you want to get the rewards or bundles from this event you must be get it within this event ongoing days. The event will expire on 19th January 2022.

Rewards from Free Fire Spacespeakers Event

Get the list of free fire space speakers event all rewards and items here with a complete details.

  • Iced Glare Bundle
  • Hip-hop Gaze Bundle
  • Pink Wink Bundle
  • Silent Scrutiny Bundle
  • Stage Time Emote
  • Party Dance Emote
  • Bunny Guitar Backpack
  • Music Party Tokens
  • Gun Creates

How to Play Free Fire Spacespeakers Event?

There was a simple process to play this free fire luck royel new event, here we have shared the complete process in some steps, you just need to follow the process.

  • Step 1: Open Free Fire on your device.
  • Step 2: Go-to the Luck royel Option from left side of your device.
  • Step 3: Now, Click on the Spacespeakers Event.
  • Step 4: Spin the wheel (If you are lucky, you will get the rewards with a minimum spin).

Note: The rewards or bundles is not free on this spacespeakers event, it must be charge some amount of diamonds for a spin. So before spin must be check the available diamonds on your free fire wallet.

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How to Get Bundles from this Free Fire Spacespeakers Event?

To get the Iced Glare Bundle, Hip-hop Gaze Bundle, Pink Wink Bundle or Silent Scrutiny Bundle from this event you must be need to spin the wheels with diamonds, for single spin it code 40 Diamonds and for 10 spin it will cost 400 diamonds.

If you are not get the bundles with your spin, you can also get the mucic party tokens from this event and you can exchange your favourite bundles with this tokens

How Much Diamonds are needed to Get Bundles from Free Fire Spacespeakers Event?

If you want to purchase those bundles from the Free Fire Spacespeakers Event, it must be cost some diamonds for a spin. This event is totally based on your luck. For 1 spin it will charge 40 Diamonds and for 10 spin it will charge 400 diamonds from your free fire wallet.

As our prediction it will charge 600 to 900 diamonds for the bundles on the list. There was you can get also some tokens from this event and letter you can exchange the bundles with this tokens.

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All over the article, we have shared a complete details about this new Free Fire Spacespeakers Event, Hope you get allnecessary details about this event. If you have any kind of query, you can raise a comment below. thank you!!!

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