10 Best Tips to Find a Profitable Blogging Niche in 2021

Find a profitable blogging niche in 2021: Complete guide to find a highly profitable & low competitive blog niches in 2021 with high recommend ideas.

Why does we need a blog niche?

There are people who’ve found success with a more scattered approach.
But this is often the difficulty most of the time:

Your readers aren’t bound to have an interest altogether the topics you personally love. So unless you’ll cause you to yourself the subject of the blog (which is feasible , mind you), it’s difficult to create an audience that way.

On the opposite hand, if you stick with one topic, you’ll guarantee that folks who have an interest in one among your posts have a high chance of being curious about all of your other content, as well.

What is Blogging Niche

A blogging niche may be a wisely selected area or topic that your blog content are going to be focusing around. Blogging niche clearly indicates to the readers what your blog are going to be covering.

It will not be an honest idea if you begin a blog and keep writing on different topics every single day. Like someday you’re writing on finance, other days you write on parenting and therefore the next day you write on cooking.

What is Blogging Niche
 Find a Profitable Blogging Niche in 2021
Blogging Niche (Image Source : PNGITEM)

0So you’ll imagine during this way how your audience will get to understand what your blog is all about. there’s an honest chance that the audience will lose interest because they’re unsure whether or not they will get what they need or not.
So, it’s always a pleasant idea to select a subject or niche for your blog once you are starting a blog.

The niche must be popular and profitable at an equivalent time.
Most of the bloggers turn their passion into their blog niche or topic and this is often not wrong in the least . But so as to make sure the feasibility of the subject , you want to have done your research first.
The blogging niche you’re getting to choose must be popular and must-have monetization potential.

Why Blogging isn’t Dead?

Ever since the videos gaining much popularity it’s been assumed that blogging is dead. But this is often just a myth. Blogging can never be dead. To prove the very fact that blogging isn’t dead here are few figures:

  • There are over quite 152 million blogs on the web .
  • 77% of internet users read blogs regularly.
  • 5% of consumers claim that a blog adds trust and credibility to an internet site .
  • 81% folks online consumers say that blogs are trusted sources of data and advice.
  • Nearly 50% of buyers view 3-5 pieces of content before engaging with a sales rep.
  • It’s really amazing that 70% of consumers would rather study a business from a blog than a billboard .
  • it’s also been proved that Companies who have blogs receive 97% more links to their website.

I guess these statistics are enough to convince you that blogging can never be dead. In fact, these figures keep it up increasing with the increasing usage of the web and smartphones.

How do I Find a Profitable Blogging Niche in 2021?

New bloggers usually get confused with the blog niches. Like, does it really matters to possess a specific blogging niche? Or why do i want to specialise in finding an ideal blog niche?

If you’re unsure what to blog about, don’t worry! This blog post goes to assist you work out, about all the possible profitable niches out there, the way to choose a blog niche then many things.

You want to create a profitable and successful blog from zero. And you are doing not want to take a position you’re money on this immediately , to rent someone for the web site setup.
But you don’t want to form any mistakes which will cost you endless sleepless nights just deciding the answer.Therefore, if you would like to line up a blog with WordPress, just head over to my detailed tutorial on fixing a WordPress blog in only quarter-hour .

How to Choose a Profitable Blogging Niche in 2021?

Now you would like to settle on an ideal blogging niche… But where does that perfect blogging niche come from? or the way to select a blogging niche?
At now , you would like to research the simplest blog niche you would like to write down about.

Choose a Profitable Blogging Niche in 2021
Choose a Profitable Blogging Niche in 2021

For immediately , dont think an excessive amount of about the sensible use of your ideas and just attempt to come up with an extended list of ideas and topics that you simply think you would possibly be ready to blog about for a extended period of your time .

Every time you read a blog post, attempt to ask yourself, why you’re reading this particular blog post and not another. Most of the time, you read a blog post to accumulate useful information or become at something. Make an inventory of the previous couple of questions that you’ve searched on google.

If we consider an inventory of questions that folks attempt to find on Google, they’ll be something like this:

  • alternative ways to earn money online?
  • What are some passive income sources?
  • What are some home workouts for absolute beginners?
  • Best parenting practices, that each parent should know?
  • Some easy meal prep recipes for working moms?

In the above list, you’ll notice a general trend – people search questions which will help them to unravel their problems. Basically, you would like to settle on a blog niche which will solve some major problems faced by most of the people .

Step 1: Are there any group of People’s who wants to read this Topic?

If you’ve made it through the first question, you recognize a couple of people have an interest in your blog niche. Now, it’s time to seek out out whether any people want to examine an equivalent.

Well, it’s easy to seek out out the solution , let’s stop scratching heads and do some real research!

So the way to determine whether your blog niche features a large audience? Let’s see some data…

Let’s use some free Blogging tools – Google trends. Google trend will help to work out –

  • Whether or not people actually checking out these topics
  • Your chosen niche ideas get increasing or decreasing interest

We’re not going for any deep analysis for any niche topics, but it’s an excellent tool for getting conversant in the present trends.
All you would like to try to to is –

  • List some main terms for your niche
  • attend google trends
  • Insert

And look at that, so now – if you’re curious about traveling and photography, you’ve got got an excellent niche idea!

Both the topics are quite popular or even it’ll become more post lockdown. this suggests that it’s an excellent chance if you’re getting to start a blog today!

Step 2: Am I able to make online money from this niche?

So now it’s time to work out whether you’ll actually make money from your blog.

If you’re innovative, it’s possible to form some money with any quite niche, as long as you’ve got some kind of targeted audience.

But some blog niches are always getting to make more amount of cash and audience than others. So you would like to work out if, and the way to form money together with your niche?
Yes, research time!

Analyze a couple of blogs in your niche – alternative ways to monetize a blog,

First, you would like to ascertain how another blogs in your niche are making money.
Open a couple of blogs and see if they –

  • Sell their own products (ebooks, online services, etc)
  • Display ads, banner
  • Product reviews ( write on certain products with links).

This should instantly offer you a rough idea about the monetisation opportunities available for you within the particular niche.

10 Best Profitable Blog Niche Idea for 2021

I have compiled an inventory of the foremost profitable blog niches 2021 topics below.
To help you discover an ideal and profitable niche with low competition in 2021,

  • Fitness and Wellness
  • Yoga
  • Personal training
  • City guide
  • Food and Cooking
  • Health
  • Finance
  • Make Money Online
  • Beauty and Fashion

TimeTips provide top 10 Profitable Blog Niches Ideas for 2021, you can Bookmark this detailed guide blog niches that make money for 2021, so you can check it!

10 Best Tips to Find a Profitable Blogging Niche in 2021
Find a Profitable Blogging Niche in 2021

1. Fitness and Wellness

Fitness Blog is one of the Best Profitable Blogging Niche in 2021, Starting a fitness blog is simple! It’s easy because the tools you would like to start out a fitness blog are quite easy to use and cheap in nature. But I dont want to create any unrealistic expectations. If you would like to start out a fitness or wellness related blog in 2021, there are plenty of free resources to assist you are doing so.

So, to create a successful and profitable fitness blog you would like to work out a couple of important things!

First of all, analyze and research a couple of micro niches and check out to work out what you would like to like writing about – “what story you would like does one want to tell?” and “who are you talking to?”

Identifying your audience is that the foundation of a successful fitness blog.
Like if you would like to start out a weight loss blog, attempt to stick with this! Maybe you would like to share your fitness journey or market your expertise on dietary and nutrition.
Make sure to not randomly write a post about your stressful busy life or about your 9 to five job or about your family problems – your audience wil start losing interest in your blog.

2. Yoga

Yoga is the low Competition with high Profitable Blogging Niche in 2021.

If you’re a licensed fitness and yoga instructor, you’ll make a series of blog posts and publish them or simply create an e-book and sell it. you’ll also make instructional videos for youtube or short videos for websites.

3. Personal training

In the list of Best Profitable Blogging Niche in 2021, Personal Training is one of my favourite blog niche.

If you’ll blog about exercising tips and hacks with daily workout custom meal plans (according to diets), this might be the last word traffic magnet for your website. Include fitness and workout tips and schedules for busy people.

4. City guide

Explore your own city and a few local areas. you’ll share some tips for budget traveling and a few unusual places therein local.

You can write lots of Article in in this topic, there was very high amount of traffic who are finding this City Guide. So It’s also a profitable blogging niche in 2021. You can work with this topic.

5. Food and Cooking

Are you a foodie or does one love cooking? Want to share your food ideas with the world? Then it’s time you ought to start a food blog!

Food blogging is one among the simplest & profitable blogging niche in 2021, there are numerous topics and niches that you simply can write on – and recipes and food are some things that everybody loves!

If you’re a trained chef, otherwise you have some expertise during a specific cuisine you’ll start writing various cooking techniques or HOW-TO blog posts. you’ll also write recipe reviews, recipes in several cooking appliances (recipes in microwaves, air fryers, or grillers).

6. Health

So, are you brooding about getting started as a health blogger?
Amazing, the web needs more high-quality, legitimate, and socially responsible bloggers LIKE YOU!!

Health is sort of a broad category that won’t appeal to several with its generality. When users look for health information, they typically look for something very specific like – weight loss, diet for a selected condition, or behavioural health for infants or newborns. The health industry is one among the foremost crucial for you to settle on a distinct segment in to focus on your ideal audience and position yourself as an expert in your topic.

7. Finance

Choosing a distinct segment for your finance blog are often an important a part of starting a replacement blog.

If your topic of interest is just too broad, like “personal finance” generally , you’ll find it challenging to lock down some of tourists who is curious about your content. Like, if one among your readers is merely curious about personal finance advice for school students, then they won’t read your blogs on a daily basis since you’ll even be taking topics like “personal finance tips for new couples”.

But the simplest thing about the finance niche is its Wide and Evergreen Niche.
You would never find difficulty find topics to specialise in for your finance blog.
The best thing you’ll do is to niche right down to a subject that doesn’t have much competition, but people still want to examine .

8. Make Money Online

These days every one wants to earn money. this is often one among the foremost searched terms on the web . That’s why this is often one among the foremost trending blogging niches of the time.

With the growing use of the web , there’s huge potential for people and businesses to form money online.

There are huge topics during this particular niche like Blogging, program Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, the way to start an E-commerce business, the way to run FB Ads, etc. So there are often tons of sub-niches to settle on from for starting a blog.

can choose any blogging niche where you’re interested and teach people on the related topics.

Monetization Methods for Make Money Online blog or niche:

Sponsored Posts, Advertising, Affiliate Products, and Services, Personal Products, and Services

9. DIY & Crafting

DIY and Crafting is another popular blogging niche. this is often one among the foremost searched blogging niches on Pinterest. the main percentage of the targeted audience during this blogging niche is women.

This niche is essentially for people that are trying to find DIY things that they’re going to create themselves like ideas for home and garden decoration, craft ideas for college and youngsters , etc.

If you’re good are creative and have ideas you’ll help them out together with your DIY blog by providing some valuable information. There are often many sub-niches you’ll choose are:

  • Kids Craft
  • Sewing
  • Home decor
  • Gardening
  • Woodworking etc.

Monetisation Methods for DIY and Crafts:

Advertising, Affiliate Products & Services, Personal Products & Services.

10. Beauty and Fashion

Have you find a profitable blogging niche in 2021? – here you go the “Beauty & Fashion” niche is waiting for you.

This is a distinct segment where most are interested especially children . If you’ve got an honest fashion sense you’ll start a blog. Beauty and Fashion is one among the foremost trending niches. this is often an evergreen niche and causes you to rich needless to say .
Everyone wants to seem best and dressed as per the newest trend and for an equivalent , they’re trying to find tips and advice.

There are often various sub-niches on this particular blogging niche like Skincare, Fashion Trends, Grooming, Beauty Products, and Fashion Accessories, etc.

Write valuable and interesting content for your blog. Share your knowledge and perspective for fashion trends etc.

Fashion and wonder blogs are monetized mainly with affiliate products.
There are a spread of affiliate products you’ll promote in your beauty and fashion blog are Clothes, Accessories, Shoes, Beauty products, Cosmetics, Jewelry, etc.

Monetisation Methods for Fashion and Beauty Blog:

Advertising, Affiliate Products & Services, Personal Products & Services, Sponsored posts.

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Another Profitable Blogging Niche in 2021

There was 2 more most Profitable Blogging Niche in 2021, that was,

  • Technology
  • Education

You can also work with this Blogging niches, It will shortly rank on Google with high CPC & You will get a Good Profit on this Nichew.


Technology has made our lives easy and cozy . This niche is growing day-by-day. The technology blog is s huge attraction for tech lovers. If you want to gain a big profit from blogging, You can go with Technology blog niche. It’s also a most profitable blogging niche in 2021.

Tech lovers wanted to urge up-to-date information on the newest tech and gadgets. thanks to this, the technology blogging niche features a high volume of audience. Also, there are often various sub-niches like Gaming Technology, Mobile Technology, Hi-Fi Tech Gadgets, AI, VR, etc.

Technology blogs contain Technology News, Gadget Reviews, the way to use, etc.
Technology as a blogging niche are often very fascinating if you’re really hooked in to it.
If you’re a tech lover and need to share your knowledge with others about technology, then you’ll start a technology blog.

Monetization Methods for Technology Blog:

Sponsored posts, Advertising, Affiliate Products & Services, Personal Products & Services.

Technology as a blogging niche are often very fascinating if you’re really hooked in to it.
If you’re a tech lover and need to share your knowledge with others about technology, then you’ll start a technology blog.


Education Blog niche is highly recommended and also a profitable blogging niche in 2021.

Every educated person definitely has some skill that he can teach to someone. So it’s always an honest idea to start out an education blog. There are various skills that folks want to find out. Students want to find out about their school or college subjects. The youth want to organise for competitive exams. The scope are often enormous.

If you’ve got sound knowledge of any subject or skill, then you’ll start a blog around that subject.

Education is important for everybody . many of us are trying to find new skills to find out . Students are wanted to find out their school or college subjects or want to organize for any particular competitive exam.

If you’ve got good knowledge of any subject, then you’ll start a blog around that subject.
Also, there are ample monetizing ways for an academic blog. such as you offers Printable PDFs, eBooks, eCourses, Affiliate marketing, etc.

Monetization Methods for Education Blog:

Sponsorship, Advertising, Affiliate Products & Services, Personal Products & Services.


In this article, I’m trying to cover “10 Best Tips to Find a Profitable Blogging Niche in 2021”. After read this article I think you got the perfect topic for your blog,

don’t run only for money, create and establish your site to help people and give them information properly. After doing this your website was rank automatically on Google, and you got a high profit.

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