CounterSide Tier List (2023 May) Characters Tier List

CounterSide Tier List (2023 May) This list includes the top characters in CounterSide, based on their individual power, playstyle, and utility. We’ve also included a description of each character to help you decide which one is right for you.

Welcome to Time-Tips, Tier lists are supposed to clarify which characters are better than others. The list is an assessment based on the latest tier list and my personal experience. The tier lists are based on how the characters match up against each other in a head-to-head scenario.

The tier lists are not based on how the characters match up against the environment and their team. Tier lists are always inaccurate and the goal of tier lists is to give players a general idea of who they should use instead of a guide on who they should use. The tier list

This is the CS Tier List that reflects competitive play in May of 2023. It’s called a CounterSide Tier list because it may or may not correspond with the tier list made by the competitive community. The purpose of this list is to provide an objective comparison for teams to make roster decisions about the members of a team for a roster for a competitive game.

About CounterSide Tier List

CounterSide Tier List is the product of continued collaboration and effort by the community members, and as such, is an aggregate tier list rather than an official ranked list. The list can be used for player-driven metagame discussion and as a reference source for tournament organizers who wish to seed players properly.

CounterSide Tier List

CounterSide Tier List (May 2023)

S Tier List

Kyle WongRanger
Kim SobinRanger
Joo ShiyoonRanger
Xiao LinSniper
Lin XienStriker
Cindy LooperStriker
Yang HarimSupporter
Irie AlfordDefender
Ryan FerrierDefender
Choi InaSiege
Choi Ina.Tower

A Tier List

Elizabeth PendragonRanger
Sylvia Lena CopperSniper
Hayamai SanaeSniper
Roy BurnettStriker
Evelyn KellerSupporter
Claudia NelsonSupporter
Seo YoonRanger

B Tier List

Nayuka MinatoRanger
Shin JiaRanger
Cathy WadeRanger
Adamant SniperSniper
Kim ChowonSniper
Esterosa de ChavalierStriker
Jake WalkerStriker
Nanahara ChifuyuStriker

C Tier List

Eddie FisherRanger
Assault Trooperx3Ranger
Yoo MinaRanger
John MasonRanger
Han SorimRanger
UBGL Riflemanx2Ranger
Maya HuntSniper

D Tier List

Thaddeus MorganRanger
Cho HojinRanger
Recoiless Gunnerx2Ranger
ZSU ShilkaRanger
Black TailRanger
Yang HasnolRanger
Yuna SpringfieldRanger


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