Top 10 Best Restaurants in Kolkata 2022 Updated

is the top 10 Best Restaurants in Kolkata (also known as Calcutta). Many of the top 10 restaurants in Kolkata are in the city centre, but there is also a good selection of restaurants in the suburbs of Kolkata.

Drink to the megacity of joy, Kolkata! The megacity is known for numerous effects. Beautiful sightseer places, a rich culture, fascinating art, lovely hospitality, immense love for football and mouth- soddening food. From this long list of lodestones, where we’re fastening moment is the food culture of the megacity.

That food culture has a lot to offer, from original Bengali dishes to public and transnational delectables! And the goodies then are simply to die for! We know you’re getting all agitated, so without any detention, let’s see how you can get a taste of Kolkata’s food.

There are numerous small and large caffs, where you can taste original and global dishes along with the road food in Kolkata. From fine dining spaces to casual beaneries, you’ll get everything you want for your coming dining experience. You can go through this list of top 10 caffs in Kolkata, while you bespeak your flight to Kolkata!

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List of Top 10 Best Restaurants in Kolkata

Kolkata is often called the food capital of India. There are so many great restaurants here that it is hard to choose the best ones. This blog gives you a list of the top 10 best restaurants in Kolkata. From fine dining to cheap and cheerful, every cuisine is represented and that is why Kolkata is such a great place to visit.

Best Restaurants in Kolkata
Top 10 Best Restaurants in Kolkata

#1. JW Kitchen

Another gem brought to you by JW Marriott and this time, they will take your taste kids on a trip to North Indian, Mediterranean and Continental cookeries. Before we jump into the food suggestions,

then are a many effects you would like to know. JW Kitchen is a decoration dining space that adorns a majestic scenery with glass-slided walls. In terms of food, it specialises in buffet as well as a la carte menu.

Now to the food suggestions! Lamb with asparagus and cherry tomatoes, Kolkata kathi roll, classical mammy rosa, dal makhni and chingri malai curry. And a mess then for two will bring youRs. 3000.

#2. ly Kouzina

In terms of flavours, Fly Kouzina passes with flying colours. The innards are fascinating too! Enter the eatery and sit either in the chesterfield-suchlike area or in the area decorated like a aeroplane.

The seatings and the dress canons of the waiters are kept according to the theme as well. What differently? It’s a multicuisine eatery and serves dishes from Chinese, International and North Indian cookery. Another piece of word then.

It’s a fully submissive eatery. Then are what you can order. Chilli rubbish toast, inelegant cold cuts, paneer adulation masala, manchow haze, minestrone haze and desi videsi jugalbandi. A mess for two then comes atRs. 1000. Oh, if you’re planning a date, this can be a great option for you. Because it’s one of the stylish caffs in Kolkata for couples.

#3. MRS. Magpie

Mrs. Magpie, or Sohini Basu to her musketeers, has done a great job with this little place partake down a side road off Southern Avenue. Cupcakes and further cupcakes is the mantra then, and they come in regular and bitsy sizes.

You should also try the sandwiches and a pot of Darjeeling. Actually, order the autumn tea cupcakes, scones, petit sandwiches and petit fours — the whole shebang! I can noway get enough of the failure white-chocolate cupcakes.

#4. Suruchi

Run by the All Bengal Women’s Union, a tone- help group, this lunch canteen has been serving some of the stylish homestyle Bengali food around since 1969. And because of its no- frills nature, the prices then are easy on the fund, icing a steady sluice of reprise guests.

The one thing that’s absolutely unmissable is the thali, a whole Bengali noontime trip, which starts with a submissive shukto, through to mutton, funk or fish with a succulent mishti to end on the sweetest possible note. (89 Elliot Road)

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#5. Telebhaja

Telebhaja, meaning‘fried in canvas’is a definitive part of the Bengali cookery. Bengal, still retaining a conventional delicacy of eating by hand, telebhaja is most enjoyed in showers with a mug of tea.

Starting from Phulluri, Aloor Chop, Beguni, Piyanji, soya chop, mochar chop, ammer chop, the list is noway ending. They can be brought at a cheap price from original food booths.

A piece of Telebhaja generally costs fromRs. 3 to 10 depending on the type. They can be accompanied by Muri (Puffed Rice), mustard canvas and onions with complimentary ghost stories from elders.

Piecemeal from proper Telebhaja you can also try Samosa, Chicken Chop, Deem er Devil (Egg chop), Chowmin, Jelebi, fish shindig, Mughlai, Nimki, Khasta Kachori, Kabiraji etc.

#6. JhalMuri

Jhalmuri is one of the most popular road food plant in every cross roads of Kolkata. This Kolkata road snack made up of puffed rice with multifariousness of mustard canvas, vegetables, chanachur ( blend), badam, Jhuribhaja etc. From couples at Victoria Memorial to scholars returning from academy/

sodalities and kiddies at demesne everyone – Gloamings are deficient without Jhalmuri. Along with Jhalmuri you can also try Papdi Chat, Bhelpuri, Batata Puri, Ghoti bachelor, Amra Makha, Peyara Makha etc. These food particulars are veritably common in the thoroughfares of Kolkata.

#7. Mocambo

Mocambo is one eatery that’s on everyone’s want list. The sizzlers served then are a class piecemeal, as they call it,‘out of the fire, and into the visage’. Be it the Surf & Turf (a quintet of fresh prawn and tender chateaubriand beef steak with pepper sauce) or pork sirloin steak or mutton hamburger steak. Just reading the menu then will have you driveling.

#8. Pa Pa Ya

Sushi trees, jaw- dropping views, elaborate plating, concentrated goodies, and ultramodern scenery-Pa Pa Ya is the ultimate fine dining experience. Standing altitudinous on the 11th bottom of Magma House, it has huge windows with panoramic views of the megacity.

RevolutionalisingPan-Asian culinary, their food is a piece-of- art. With crazy inventions, each dish is a masterpiece that will light up your Instagram feed! Try the completely drool-good Flaming Chocolate Ball. Pouring molten chocolate and cointreau over it, and watching it open is pure bliss!

#9. Aminia, Kolkata

Still, you’ll love the Aminia chain of caffs, If you’re a addict of simplicity. The innards of these caffs are minimalistic; it has sober chopstick on the walls, giving a uncomely air and the food then only respects that sentiment.

The stylish part is this particular eatery is veritably easy on the portmanteau which makes it a perfect place to have luscious food! Mutton Reshmi Adulation Masala and Funk Rubbish Kebab are some of the most ordered dishes at this eatery chain. Read also – Pubs in Kolkata.

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#10. The Bhoj Company

The Bhoj Company is a small eatery that opened in 2012 which serves the authentic Dhakai Bangladeshi Cuisine. You’ll find then succulent Bengali cookery of both Epar Bangla (the present Bengal) and Opar Bangla

( present Bangladesh) and both submissive andnon-vegetarian delectables. Some of the hand dishes of The Bhoj Company are Chitol Macher Muitha, Kachki Macher Chochori, Kochu Pata Chingri Bhapa, and Aloo Posto.

The Bhoj Company provides you with a fine dining experience around a pleasing décor and good air. If you want to have authentic Bengali food at an affordable price also you must go for Bhoj Company.

All over the article, we have shared a complete detail information about Best Restaurants in Kolkata. If you have any queries on this topic, You can raise a comment below. Thank you!!!

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