The 3 Best Heroes to Counter Lancelot in Mobile Legends

Are you looking for the best Mobile Legends Beat Hero list of all time, this article will give you the 3 Best Heroes to Counter Lancelot lists and the information we need to maintain your gaming experience.

If are you looking for the best hero to take on Lancelot in Mobile Legends then you have come to the right place. We have brought the best Lancelot heroes in this article. Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is a favorite game among the people of the world, especially in ASEAN.

Best Heroes to Counter Lancelot
Best Heroes to Counter Lancelot

And Lancelot is one of the most versatile assassins in mobile legend We bring you some mobile legend heroes who have high damage power and are very strong in battle. There is an option called Mobile Legends Lancelot that you can use. And to avoid lancelets, we have brought 5 popular hero counter Lancelot information that you can use in the game.

Hero Counter Lancelot

Heroes to Counter Lancelot in Mobile Legends You know Hero Assassin’s High Damage Abilities. This Lancelot’s counter is usually crowd control, and heroes also have high strength and mobility. What are you waiting to see what power these killer counter-heroes become as we discuss that here?

#1. Chou

Image Credit – Esportsku
  • Physical Active
  • Chou moves forward by punching 3 times in a row. Chou deals 180 / 200 / 220 / 240 / 260 / and a total of 280 +70% physical attack damage after each punch that weakens the enemy.
  • Chou 3rd attack if a nearby enemy is knocked into the air and Chou Hero resets Shunpo’s cooldown after being hit by enemies. .11 / 10.6 / 10.2 / 9.8 / 9.4 / 9.

Lancelot is the best hero to face Chou Hero, Chou is the best hero Chou can fight any hero in his power, and Chou is given to him by Land of Dawn. Chou especially with Lancelot, Chou hero has some powers and powers that can confuse any Lancelot player very quickly. And Perfumed Knight is a very squishy hero, and he can beat the player very quickly with a combo of Jit Kune Do and Way of the Dragon.

#2. Silvanna

Image Credit- mmosumo
  • Passive Skill
  • Silvana’s basic attack with a total physical attack of 45 +75% +45% of her total magic power Magic damage is high. Silvana’s skill can deal a lot of damage to the enemy.
  • Sylvanus Each damaged enemy’s Physical and Sylvanus magic defense is reduced by 3-6 enemies and lasts for 5 seconds. Sylvanus can damage 5 enemies at once.
  • When Sylvanus reaches the Mark amount limit, Silvana’s skills can deal 30% additional damage to the target.
  • Sylvanna character +110% of her total magic power damage 350/500/650.

The most powerful character on our list is Sylvanus, the Imperial Knights He is very hard to beat. Silvana Character T makes her great for this power and she has durability and survivability that makes her hard to break.

Silvana’s character wields Imperial Justice, Lancelet, and even uses the fact excision or puncture character for her circle of light. This character is much stronger with her abilities and with her control power atter, Sylvanus’ character has the seal ability to penetrate the last target much faster.

#3. Ruby

Image Credit- ONE Esports
  • Ruby Character is a Tank/Fighter that inherits Life steal for all her abilities and Ruby Character T has a solid crowd control skill that allows her to disrupt the enemy front. Ruby can be played as a fighter or roaming tank.

Mobile legend Ruby character has become a popular character nowadays, her skill set is perfect against many powerful heroes of Assassin. Ruby’s characters have powers like T Don’t Run and the Wolf King and Lancelot. Perfect Ability Gap Closure occurs whenever the Ruby character uses Puncture or Phantom Execution. Ruby’s ability has immense life steel, and the Ruby character can easily replenish her own HP quickly.

The Ruby character belongs to any other team and Ruby Mobile will have time to influence a team of assailant heroes by making it difficult to fight if you do so every time the enemy locks on her in your games. You can advance the game with this list.

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