WWE Champions Tier List (February 2023) Heroes Tier List

Check out the latest WWE Champions ( February 2023) Heroes Tier List! See where your favorite heroes rank and how they compare to the other WWE Champions! See the full list here.

WWE Champions is a puzzle/strategy mobile game that was developed by Scopely, which has plenty of WWE fans waiting for a fun new gaming experience. The future is now with the release of Super Cheats and the tier list for WWE Champions based on the WWE superstars. With the help of Super Cheats, the tier list is broken down into three categories: A, B, and C. Some of these characters are obvious choices and some are unexpected additions.

WWE Champions has become one of the most popular WWE mobile games among fans. Although the current game has a decent roster of WWE superstars, there are only a few wrestlers that a competitive player would like to have in their team. So today, I am listing down the WWE Champions (February 2023) Heroes Tier List.

This post will include a full-tier list of WWE Champions, including all active and future champions for NBA Champions, TNA Legends, and WWE superstars for the Year 2023. I will be able to keep this updated regularly so you’re always able to view the latest WWE Champions tier list.

About WWE Champions Tier List

WWE Champions is one of the latest wrestling games. This game allows us to build a team of WWE superstars, fight with their teams and win the championship. In this guide, we will see a tier list of WWE Champions with an explanation of each character.

WWE Champions Tier List

WWE Champions Tier List is a tier list for players to determine which champions are essential for completing in-game objectives and which champions are not essential. This tier list also helps players to determine whether to purchase or not purchase certain champions early on. This tier list was created based on the information gathered from the official game forums and the WWE Champions tier list spreadsheet.


  • 1) Randy Savage – The Macho King
    Era – Legend
  • 2) Hulk Hogen’s Hall of Fame
    Era – Hall of Fame
  • 3) Zombie Triple H – The Skull King
    Era – Modern
  • 4) Braun Strowman Express
    Era – Modern
  • 5) Seth Rollins – The Architect
    Era – Modern


  • 1) Steve Austin – Stunning
    Era – New Gen Focused
  • 2) Shawn Michaels Showstopper
    Era – Ruthless Aggression
  • 3) Randy Orton – Apex Predator
    Era – Modern
  • 4) Ted DiBiase nWo
    Era Attitude
  • 5) Rocky Johnson
    Era – Legend


  • 1) Undertaker Icons Of WrestleMania
    Era – Icons of WrestleMania
  • 2) Booker T Hall Of Fame
    Era – Hall of Fame
  • 3) Sycho Sid
    Era – Attitude
  • 4) Faarooq APA
    Era – Attitude
  • 5) Scott Hall Outsider
    Era – Attitude

Best Wrestlers by Category (Men)


  • Amos
  • Randy Savage Macho King
  • Hulk Hogan HOF
  • Randy Orton Apex Predator
  • Zombie Triple H
  • Braun Strowman Express
  • Ultimate Warrior HOF


  • Snoop Dog LB93
  • Montez Ford
  • Ricky Steamboat The Dragon
  • John Morrison
  • R Truth
  • Zombie Hulk Hogan
  • Steve Austin UBM
  • Doink The Clown CPOC
  • Shelton Benjamin THB
  • Shawn Michaels DX Army
  • Ricochet One and Only


  • Ricky Steamboat HMOD
  • Hulk Hogan Technomania
  • Riddle
  • Angelo Dawkins
  • Brock Lesnar ROTB
  • Damian Priest
  • Zombie Edge
  • Peter Maivia
  • The Iron Sheik HOF
  • Mankind Mr. Socko
  • John Cena Veteran Salute
  • Roman Reigns HOTT


  • Finn Balor Demon King
  • Cesaro Swiss Cyborg
  • Rey Mysterio WUC
  • Sami Zayn CT
  • Booker T King Booker
  • Zombie Mankind
  • The Rock TMEMISE
  • John Cena YCSM
  • Zombie Aleister Black
  • Gobbledy Gooker
  • Rick Rude HOF
  • Snoop Dogg TTD


  • Sika
  • Hulk Hogan Immortal
  • Keith Lee
  • Ivar
  • Sheamus King Sheamus
  • Stevie Ray
  • The Godfather HOF
  • Big E POP
  • Luke
  • Yokozuna HOF
  • Walter
  • Triple H IOW


  • Hulk Hogan Santa
  • Batista IOW
  • Zombie Bobby Lashley
  • Rey Mysterio MOM
  • Eddie LWO
  • 123 Kid
  • The Miz Awesome
  • Junkyard Dog
  • Zombie Roman Reigns
  • Otis
  • Justin Bradshaw APA
  • The Fiend

Best Wrestlers by Category (Women)


  • Alexa Bliss POP
  • Bianca
  • Wendi HOF
  • Becky Lynch IOW
  • Chyna DX Army


  • Charlotte IOW
  • Lita HOF
  • Trish Status TTTT


Shayna Baszler
Stac Keibler WL


Chyna HOF
Stacy Keibler MS
Lacey Evans SSB


  • Becky TMOW
  • Bayley Soul Model
  • Zombie Rhea Ripley
  • Chyna NWOTW


Naomi AS
Mickie James
Sasha Banks The Boss


What is the tier list for Paladin’s Champions?

There are dozens of different classes in Paladin’s Champions, each with unique abilities and strengths. However, deciding which character to play as can be tricky. That’s why we have created the ‘tier list’.

How are WWE champions decided?

WWE championships are awarded through a three-lane system: WWE Raw, NXT, and SmackDown Live. Each series has 24 episodes, with a rotating schedule that determines which brand gets to decide which championship will be defended on that night.

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