Top 10 Worst Pokemon Types of All Time

Top 10 Worst Pokemon Types of All Time has become a cultural phenomenon over the last 20 years. The franchise has spawned numerous video games, movies, toys, and even a TV show. It’s no wonder why people love these little creatures so much.

Pokemon is probably the biggest franchise in video games history. The game has spawned dozens of spinoffs, movies, manga, anime series, and even a Broadway musical. What started out as a simple card game has now become a cultural phenomenon.

The original Pokemon was released in 1996 for Nintendo’s Game Boy handheld console. Since then, over 20 million copies have been sold worldwide. The franchise is still going strong today with new titles being released every year.

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List of Top 10 Worst Pokemon Types of All Time

There are 151 total types of pokemon in the game. Some of them are very rare and powerful, but some are downright ridiculous. Here are the top 10 worst pokemon types ever created.

Worst Pokemon Types
Top 10 Worst Pokemon Types of All Time

#1. Stunfisk

Goh Stunfisk

What is the worst type of pokemon? The answer is Stunfisk. This pokemon has no attack or defense stats, and its only purpose is to stun opponents.

Pokemon is a video game series created by Satoshi Tajiri and published by Nintendo. The games follow the adventures of two young boys who capture and train wild creatures called Pokemon. There are currently over 700 different types of Pokemon.

#2. Archeops

season14 ep36 ss04

In the Pokemon universe, each species has its own unique characteristics. Some are good at catching prey, some are great swimmers, and some are masters of stealth. Each species also has its own weaknesses.

Some Pokemon types are better suited for certain environments or situations. For example, water Pokemon are excellent swimmers, while fire Pokemon are adept at hunting prey.

#3. Throh


Pokemon Go has become a phenomenon since its release last summer. The game allows players to catch virtual creatures called pokemon, which they then battle against other players around the globe.

Pokemon Go was released on July 6th 2016, and within a month had over 100 million downloads. Since then, the game has continued to gain popularity, and now has over 500 million downloads worldwide.

#4. Sawk

Stephan Sawk

Sawk is a Pokémon species introduced in Generation I. He has a unique body structure, which makes him look like a cross between a crocodile and a snake. His appearance is similar to a crocodile because his head is shaped like a skull, and his tail resembles a snake.

Sawk is a very powerful Pokémon. If you want to catch them, you’ll need to be prepared. This article will tell you the worst types of Pokémon to encounter.

#5. Watchog

Watchog BW027

700 new species have been added to the game. There are now over 900 different types of pokemon, some of which are extremely rare.

There are two main categories of pokemon – normal and legendary. Normal pokemon include common creatures such as pidgey, squirtle, and kadabra. Legendary pokemon are much harder to catch and require special equipment to capture them. Some of these pokemon are incredibly powerful and can even evolve into other forms.

#6. Wormadam

Cheryl Wormadam Trash Cloak

The Pokemon franchise has become one of the biggest video game franchises in history. There are currently over 700 different types of Pokemon, and they’ve been around since 1996.

There are some Pokemon that are considered to be the worst ever. Some of them are even considered to be the worst Pokemon type. Which ones are they?

#7. Lickilicky

licky eb762ed3f4900ab045468e04a1e3730c

Lickilicky is a very rare Pokémon type. What makes it even worse is that it has no movepool, meaning it cannot attack or defend itself at all. This means it is completely useless outside of its role as a status inducer.

The Lickilicky is one of the worst Pokémon types ever created. Its only purpose is to induce statuses onto other Pokémon. If it fails, then the target will become paralyzed.

This Pokémon was originally designed to be a prank, but it became too popular. Now, it is considered a joke and is rarely seen in competitive play.

#8. Garbodor

these are garbodor s greatest weaknesses in pokemon go battles

Garbodor is one of the worst Pokemon types of all time. What makes this Pokemon so bad?

The name comes from the word garbo meaning stink or stench. This Pokemon has a very strong smell that can cause nausea and even death.

There are only two ways to get rid of Garbodor: Poison it or burn it. If you don’t want to poison it, you’ll have to burn it.

#9. Klinklang

Team Plasma Klinklang

This is a new game from Nintendo. The objective is to capture as many Pokémon as possible within a time limit. This game is very similar to the classic Gameboy games.

There are 151 different types of Pokémon in total. Each type has its own unique abilities and strengths. Some Pokémon are better at catching other Pokémon than others.

Each Pokémon has its own special ability. For example, some Pokémon are good at attacking or defending against certain attacks. Others are great at catching other Pokémon.

#10. Vanilluxe

Vanilluxe XY057

The Pokemon franchise has been around since 1996 and has spawned over 700 different types of creatures. Some of them are very rare and valuable, such as Mewtwo or Jirachi. Others are much less common, such as Vanilluxe.

Vanilluxe is the weakest Pokemon type ever created. This means that it is the least powerful type of all time. If you want to become the strongest trainer in the game, then you should focus on becoming a Vanilluxe master.

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