Top 10 Worst Legendary Pokemon Of All Time

Legendary Pokemon are the strongest ones in the game, and there are a lot of them Here are the top 10 worst legendary Pokemon of all time.

The first generation of Pokemon is home to some of the most legendary Pokemon in the series. These creatures are not only hard to catch but also carry special abilities that make them truly one in a million. Here are the top 10 worst legendary Pokemon of all time from the first generation of Pokemon.

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List of Top 10 Worst Legendary Pokemon Of All Time

Worst Legendary Pokemon Of All Time
Top 10 Worst Legendary Pokemon Of All Time

Top 10 Worst Legendary Pokemon Of All Time Legendary Pokemon are a class of Pokemon placed in a league of their own. They are incredibly rare and powerful Pokemon. Hardcore Pokemon fans love to argue about which Pokemon is the greatest of all time. Some argue that Mewtwo and Snorlax are the strongest Pokemon of all time. This will list the top 10 worst legendary Pokemon of all time.

#1. Carex


We reckon it’s fairly safe to say that the floating rabbit with a bigger head than Ki- Adi- Mundi is the worst fabulous Pokémon in the series ’ history. Indeed it’s weird possession of Peony is well, weird! Calyrex’s story is one of the weakest corridors of an else outstanding expansion for Sword & Shield.

As a Pokémon, everything it does is just a bit agitating — uncanny, indeed. While its glacial horse Glastrier also made this list, its spectral companion, Spectrier, is one of the most stylish fabulous Pokémon of all time. Without being bound to Calyrex via the Reins of Unity, it surely would have been significantly more popular.

#2. Zygarde


A canine, who also turns into a peacock slug, before eventually transubstantiating into Pokémon Optimus Prime? Gen 7 also had a metamorphosing ‘ mon in the form of Necrozma, but its colorful appearances are mechanically intriguing and make sense. Zygarde 10, 50, and complete? What were they allowing?

The canine is a brummagem, green interpretation of Houndoom; the peacock slug is one of the worst-looking Pokémon of all time, and Pokémon Optimus Prime looks like a fanart drawn by a talented toddler. None of these Pokémon look like Pokémon — let alone fabulous Pokémon.

#3. Tornadus


The worst of the Forces of Nature — bar the each-new Enamorus, who we’ve barred from this list on account of the fact we’ve yet to catch it ourselves — Tornadus has many to no redeeming rates as a seeker for fabulous status.

Its design is average at best, its monotype is boring relative to the other Forces of Nature, and its Therian Forme makes it look like a funk that fell into a handbasket of green food coloring. However, “ Oh my God, that’s the fabulous Thundurus! ” we’d burst out laughing it would be insolvable not to If we banged into this lad and a professor said.

#4. Glastrier


Glastrier can be a great Pokémon in doubles battles thanks to Trick Room, but its mono Ice codifying paired with dismal speed make the ice steed a poor pick for mates. Ice is one of the weakest protective typings in the game, and a poor protective typing mixed with poor speed is a form for disaster inmates where the steed can simply get KO’d in one megahit.

#5. Eternity


So, let’s talk about Eternity. If you don’t know what Eternatus is, it is the legendary pokemon in pokemon Y and pokemon Alpha Sapphire. It is a dark/Fairy-type pokemon that was created due to a mistaken achievement. It is supposed to embody eternity or something like that. It is not a very powerful pokemon and it is not a very cool pokemon. Here are my reasons why.

#6. Silvally


Silvally is a Pokémon heavily inspired by Arceus, the star of Pokémon’s rearmost game. Just like Arceus, Silvally can change its codifying grounded on the item equipped to it. Unfortunately, what makes Arceus so important is ridiculous stats combined with arguably the stylish move pool in the game.

Silvally has an average of 95 in all stats, meaning it does not exceed anything, and then moves it learns are not as overpowered as what Arceus has to work with. Silvally is a cool Pokémon, but the” jack of all trades” conception does not restate to numerous games competitively.

#7. Type: Null

 Type: Null
Type: Null

Type: Null is hands down one of the worst legendary Pokemon of all time. It’s like if you put the boringness of Mewtwo, the ugliness of Arceus, and the uselessness of Celebi into a single Pokemon and then gave it a dumb name that doesn’t sound like any Pokemon I’ve ever heard of.

In the Pokemon Sun and Moon series, there are several legendary Pokemon that you can only find in Ultra Wormhole. It is very difficult to catch them and that’s why they make the list of the worst legendary Pokemon.

#8. Thundurus


Thundurus takes a look at the worst legendary Pokemon of all time. Palkia, Giratina, and Dialga all make the list. But who makes the number one spot, who do you agree with the most? The idea came from a conversation in which my co-worker praised Rayquaza, but I had to point out to him that Rayquaza is not a legendary Pokemon.

This is meant as a brief introduction to the topic of legendary Pokemon. It is not meant to be an exhaustive look at all the legends, nor is it meant to make claims about which legendaries are better than others. Instead, this blog is meant to be a tongue-in-cheek look at the least impressive Pokemon.

#9. Register


Just like Regirock, Regice substantially invests its stats defensively, with a stunning 200 special defense. It does still have a medium capability in Clear Body and a strange move pool that substantially includes obnoxious moves.

Just like other Legendaries, Regice’s biggest excrescence is just how terrible mono Ice typing is competitive. To make matters worse for Regice, its inconceivable stats are each invested defensively, while Ice is the worst protective typing in the game. However, it nearly does not count how tanky it is If a Pokémon is hit for super effective damage by nearly every obnoxious trouble in the game.

#10. Virizion


Virizion is in an odd place. He has many big sins to his low defense, especially from any Flying attack from someone briskly than him. He has great special defense and speed but does not specialize in either attack or special attack. So players may choose between erecting around his suckers for either one.

As a special bushwhacker, Focus Blast is the Fighting move to use if it were not so damn inaccurate. Counterintuitively, it stays alive by holding a Life sphere, losing health but mounding with Calm Mind suckers for heavier mending with Giga Drain.

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