West Bengal Covid Guidelines for Durga Puja 2021

West Bengal Covid Guidelines for Durga Puja: The West Bengal government on Wednesday issued detailed covid guidelines for Durga Puja 2021.

According to the Bengal 2021 Durga Puja guide, the pandal must be extensive and remain open from all sides to allow the right ventilation, with a separate and outlet entrance.

According to new rules, the pandal will remain open from all sides and no cultural programs will be held. The state soaking carnival will not be held this year.

West Bengal Covid Guidelines for Durga Puja 2021

Recently West Bengal Government announced a new guideline for Durga Puja in 2021. Here is the the complete information about West Bengal covid guidelines for Durga Puja 2021.

West Bengal Covid Guidelines for Durga Puja 2021

#1. Extensive open pandal with separate entrance gate

Pandal must be extensive and must remain open from all sides. If if it is important to have a closed ceiling, the party must remain open. There must be separate entry-exit settings with a separate gate.

Mingling and crowding must be avoided in all places, the government said in the notification.

#2. No cultural program

The cultural program inside / near Puja Pandal Premis is not permitted.

#3. Rituals and events

Given the health and safety of participants and organizers, Anjali in Ashtami (eighth day), the Prasad distribution and ‘Sindoor Kenela’ (Dashoor) must be staged in stages, and as far as possible in smaller groups.

The worshipers can be encouraged to offer Anjali with flowers brought from the house, so that the points of the flower collection in the pandal do not become a congestion point.

#4. Rituals that are carried out

Puja organizers must maintain adequate amounts of volunteers to ensure compliance with physical distance norms among visitors to enforce wearing masks and hand cleanser use.

Anjali Bitaran Prasad or Sindoor Khela must be held by the Puja Committee in a planned way and as far as possible in smaller groups with time away with staggering ways.

#5. Hand sanitiser must, volunteer to wear a mask

The state government has utilized and the availability of mandatory hand souls in a pandal. Masks must be worn by all visitors and volunteers at any time. No one will be allowed in a place without a face cover. There must be arrangements made in a pandal to distribute the mask to anyone, without wearing it.

The Puja Committee must have enough volunteers to ensure compliance with physical distance norms among visitors, and to enforce the use of masks and use of hand sanitiser. Volunteers themselves must wear face masks and face shields for safety.

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#6. Emphasis on the virtual process

Electronic and social media must be used by organizers and public authorities to make people aware of avoiding large assemblies and crowding on the road and near the pandal. Organizers, volunteers and police personnel in charge must facilitate the movement of continuous visitors to avoid unnecessary crowding.

Physical contacts should be avoided in procedures obtained by permission too. The online system for required permits must be regulated by the relevant authorities.

Compliance with physical blasphemy norms and other health safety steps that must be ensured during the current time it might need to explore the festival for several larger days. The Puja Committee must carry out the necessary advanced planning that facilitates a visit to the Pandal from Tritiya (third day) itself.

#7. Assistance from government and other agencies

Because public health management during a pandemic will require a greater cost, the state government along with other public and private organizations will help organizers the way they can, and free of charge.

The authority of the state government fire service will not charge for their emergency services.

Local agencies (urban and rural) will also provide their services for free, and no fees will be charged on the committee.

The strength of the concession (at 50 percent) must be provided by the organization of the power utility. Separate notifications must be issued by each organization in this regard.

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West Bengal Updated Guidelines for Durga Puja 2021

West Bengal Durga Puja Covid Guidelines all updates are here, read this guidelines it’s really help you know all updated information from Government Durga Puja Covid Guidelines.

  • The state has banned the soaking of the carnival considering the Pandemic Covid-19, to follow the social distance protocol.
  • The country in the order of 11 points has also forbidden, the carnival near the Puja Pandal.
  • The state government also asks the organizers to keep the open pandal from all sides.
  • All pandals must have sufficient space and arrangements to ensure physical distance, read the order of the country.
  • The country has also ordered the settings of entries and exits separately in the pandal along with floor marking and other signs.
  • People will be encouraged to offer prayers with flowers brought from their own homes to avoid congestion in a pandal.
  • Prayer, Prasad Distribution and Sindoor Khela must be held by the Puja Committee in a planned way and in smaller groups.
  • In addition, the Puja organizers are also ordered to maintain the inauguration and distribution programs “low key”.
  • The state has urged a virtual pandal assessment or a physical visit to be carried out during the Lean hours, between 10am and 3 in the afternoon.
  • The country also asked the organizers to make arrangements first to facilitate a visit to a pandal from Tritiya, the third day of the 10-day festival to see a glimpse of Dewi.

For any help you can Visit www.wbhealth.gov.in

COVID-19 HelpLine Number for West Bengal

  • Helpline Number: +91-11-23978046
  • Toll Free: 1075
  • Helpline Email ID: ncov2019@gov.in

In this article, I’ve shared West Bengal Government’s 2021 Durga Puja Covid Guidelines and Updates. Hope you read all of the information. If you have any other query, You can raise a comment below.

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