Top 10 Strongest Autobots and Transformers of all time


this little joe is a real hoot that makes us laugh throughout Mills Vengeance of the fallen, he is one of the strongest Autobots


Typically when we suppose of Jazz Autobots and Transformers we want to roar”skibbity-bop” and snap our fritters to a noisy tune.


The 1986 Mills amped movie reshuffled the characters in an attempt to introduce new toys into the retailing line


This hulking Motor was an important force on the battleground, anyhow of his cooperation. In the old days.


Shockwave was another Transformer able of turning into a large blaster dynamo, which was a hot selling point for kiddies.

Nascence Trion

Luke Skywalker needs their Obi-Wan Kenobi, Alpha Trion is the same kind of tutor to the Autobot leader Optimus Prime.


This may feel like a bit of a cheat, given the fact that Galvatron is a repurposed interpretation of Megatron.


The only thing cooler than a standard Transformer is a triadic- changer, and there are relatively many out there.


This Decepticon captured the hearts and minds of numerous kiddies growing up with the original 1980s cartoon series.


Every good show needs a wise old man, but Kup’s Autobots and Transformers. He is no Gandalf the Grey.

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