Valuable Element in The World: Expensive Element

Francium – roughly$ 1 billion per gram

You might ask how could such an element be so precious. The cost of this element comes from the fact.

Scandium –$ 270 per gram

his is a rare earth essence that was first observed in 1970. It’s used primarily in blends, and as a matter of fact.

Californium –$ 25 million per gram

fully telephoning it down to the millions now with Californium, an element that was developed at the University.


Indium is a soft white-silvery chemical element that can be identified by its symbol, In, and its atomic number 49.


Coming in at number 8 on our list of precious metals is one of the most well known and common metals.

Rhodium —$ 58 per gram

The major use of rhodium is in motorcars. It’s used as a catalysts in the three- way catalytic transformers.

Platinum —$ 60 per gram

Platinum is yet another extremely low reactive essence. Other than being used as jewelry.

Lanthanum –$ 64 per gram

Lanthanum is argentine-white metallic element. It’s also one of the rare earth essence.

Plutonium —$ per gram

Plutonium is largely radioactive which makes it extremely dangerous to handle.

Carbon –$ per gram

Carbon is one of the most essential rudiments for life. Although a large quantum of it’s present in all of our bodies.

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