Most Powerful Aliens of Ben 10 in 2022


He is the most powerful alien form in the universe who can actually alter the space and time continuity as he wishes.


Not much is demanded to be said Humungousaur is a massive creatural dinosaur with massive strength that allows him.


A rather crazy alien since Ben not only controls Goop’s slime-suchlike body but also has a graveness manipulation.

Big Chill

Big Chill is just a really cool alien. He can fly, turn impalpable, and can indurate effects. He substantially indurate.

Four Arms

In the original 2005 series, Four Arms was Ben’s strongest alien (well, until Way Big showed up in the movie.


Mixing a mortal with an trawler fish, Ripjaws is an submarine alien that sorely didn’t get used veritably much in the original.


This alien is analogous to the Klyntar symbiotes from Marvel similar as Venom or Holocaust. In this form, Ben is a polymorphic


There exists an factual species of monkeys in our real world called the spider monkey (two words). So the fact that they took this


In the series premiere”And Also There Were 10,”the first alien Ben converted into after he plant the Omnitrix was Heatblast.


On a show like Ben 10, good old-fashioned coolness matters a lot, and the coolest of the Omnitrix aliens was XLR8.

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