The 10 Best MCU Narratives About Female Characters

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She is a sought-after leading lady in Hollywood and the ideal face for Dior thanks to her timeless good looks.

Charlize Theron

Natural beauty is personified by Morena Baccarin. You don't need jewellery or makeup when your face is that stunning.

Morena Baccarin

Every time she steps outside, this Spanish seductress amazes. Her gorgeous appearance and smooth accent are a perfect match.

Penelope Cruz

Elena in The Vampire Diaries is played by Nina Dobrev and she is sultry, seductive, and absolutely amazing.

Nina Dobrev

Although she is from Australia, this stunning beauty divides her time between New York and London (UK).

Margot Robbie

She is an obvious choice for high-end design houses like Dior because of her grace and elegance.

Natalie Portman

With grace and ethereal beauty to spare, Rachel Weisz is absolutely mesmerising on screen.

Rachel Weisz

Rose Byrne is the complete package with her girl next door charm and impeccable comedic timing.

Rose Byrne

Her more recent newsworthy activities include quick Twitter comebacks and taking fashion risks on the red carpet.

Kate Beckinsale

She appeared in Bad Mom's Christmas and, more recently, The Spy Who Dumped Me on television.

Mila Kunis

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