Top 10 famous pets in the United States of America

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Dogs always a populat pets around the world. In United States everyone have a dog.


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Along the dogs cats also a popular pet in the united states. Almost 31 million houhold have cat.


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Fish also a popular pets in US. in aquarium there are many fish are lived as a pets.


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Birds are famous pets since old days. There are many species of bird Cockatiels, parrots, and other birds are pets.


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There are many households have raptile as a pet. Basically snakes, salamanders, iguanas.


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Rabbits also a popular pets around the United States. According to AVMA, Rabbits is second popular pets.


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Did you know chicken, turkey, ducks, and geese also prominent pets in the United States of America.


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Hamsters also a popular pets i United states. there are 888 per 1000 households have Hamster as a pet.


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Guinea pigs is a cute animals to as a pet. They are small, easy to cary and very active.

Guinea pigs

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Another popular choice of peoples of America. This exotic animals is a cute.


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