Top 10 Most Expensive Football Trophy in the World

FIFA World Cup trophy – $20,000,000

This is the most expensive trophy in sports and the answer is the FIFA World Cup trophy.

Copa Libertadores trophy – $8.5 million

The trophy only had space for 18 winners’ badges, it was later redesigned to include more.

UEFA Europa League trophy – $4.5 million

This trophy has been awarded annually to the winner of Europe’s second-tier club competition.

The FA Cup trophy – $1,180,000

The first one was made in 1911 while the current FA Cup was commissioned in 2013.

Ballon d’Or trophy

the biggest individual award in football, the Ballon d’Or is fifth on the list of most expensive trophies in the world.

Africa Cup of Nations trophy – $150,000

This cup is played among nations in Africa and it is the biggest competition in the continent.

Serie A trophy – $66,000

The Serie A trophy is presented to the winner of the Italian top-flight league it is referred to as the Scudetto.

Bundesliga Meisterschale – $57,102

The trophy was presented to the winner of the German Football League popularly known as the Bundesliga.

UEFA Champions League – $15,000

The second most prestigious football competition in the world, UEFA Champions League is worth $15,000.

English Premier League trophy – $10,000

This trophy is expected to be presented to the champions in front of 10,000 fans this season.

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