8 Energetic Australian Dog Breeds

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The Australian cattle dog, a relative of the dalmatian and the wild dingos of Australia, is devoted.

Australian cattle dog

Another diligent herder is the Australian Kelpie. These men concentrate on sheep instead than cattle.

Australian Kelpie

These tiny terriers were bred to be general pest control agents that would get rid of small mammals.

Australian terrier

These hardworking medium-sized dog breeds can herd anything from sheep and cattle to goats, horses, and buffalo.


The cavoodle is one of the most well-liked Australian dog breeds, despite being a mixed breed.


These toy terriers make excellent friends. Despite their diminutive size, they are affectionate, intelligent, and friendly.

Silky terrier

Originally, the breed was employed to hunt mice and other small pests like rabbits. They still have the same work ethic today.

Miniature fox terrier

The aforementioned mini foxies and these small terriers are not too far apart in terms of ancestry.

Tenterfield terrier

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