Dog Breeds Who looks like Bears

Often referred to as a "silent hunter," the Akita is a quiet yet temperamental dog that can often be difficult to train.


Named for the Pyrenees Mountains between France and Spain, the Great Pyrenees makes the list because it can be mistaken for a polar bear.

Great Pyrenees

The chow chow is a breed hailing from ancient China. A thick mane (or ruff) makes these dogs appear particularly cute.

Chow Chow

The Samoyed is a spitz breed that originated in the Siberian area of Russia. Strong and intelligent, these dogs were bred to pull sleds on polar expeditions.


Newfoundlands are very large dogs, but they are also gentle, patient, and trainable. Bred as working dogs for Canadian fishermen.


Affectionately dubbed the “people’s dog,” the Keeshond became the symbol of the Dutch Patriots Party in the 18th century as it fulfilled the role of both guard.


Named after the Kavkaz (Caucasus) mountains of Eastern Europe, the Caucasian shepherd's massive size almost rivals that of a small bear.

Caucasian Shepherd

Hailing from Germany, Leonbergers were originally bred as majestic companions fit for royalty. Given their impressive size and strength.


A dog that's considered to be of both European and Asian descent (hence its name), the Eurasier is a confident.


While they don't quite resemble actual bears, Pomeranians are pint-size pooches that have a definite teddy bear-like quality thanks to their rounded ears.


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