Top 10 Most Famous Brand Ambassadors in the World in 2022

Shah Rukh Khan

There’s no denying that Shah Rukh is a brand by himself and that’s the reason why brands stand in line to subscribe

Gigi Hadid

You may only know Gigi Hadid from her extensively talked about relationship with former One Direction.


You might have heard the news before this time, where Rihanna was named the world’s most marketable.

Alia Bhatt

At such a youthful age, Alia Bhatt is also a brand name for colorful advertisers. Not only does she plump Indian.

George Clooney

Actor, patron and activist George Clooney is incontrovertibly one of the most influential celebrities in the world

Lee Min-Ho

You may have known him back in 2009 for his supereminent part in the ever- so-popular K- drama, Boys Over

Jung HoYeon

Model-turned-actress Jung HoYeon, who pelted to transnational fame in K- drama Squid Game.

Kim Woo-bin

Kim Woo-bin, best known for his places in K- dramatizations like Inheritors (2013) and School (2012).

Akshay Kumar

we all are apprehensive of the long list of Akshay Kumar’s pictures but piecemeal from pictures.

 Sara Ali Khan

Vivo is presently taking over the smartphone request and that was the main reason, it named a celebrity.

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