Top 10 Best Tourist Places in West Bengal


You must visit Kolkata as it’s the main substance of West Bengal. Ranking first in the list of notorious places


Imagine Belting on the stylish tea watching the snow- limited Himalayas and snuggling under a mask. Sounds surreal?


Positioned in the Jalpaiguri and Siliguri sections of West Bengal, Siliguri is a megacity known as the Gateway to North-East India.


Starting from swash Teesta in the East to swash Sankoshi in the west, Dooars is a original name given to the floodplains

Sundarbans National Park

the top public premises in India. This magnific distraction of mangrove jungle is the largest in the world.


Still, Kalimpong is a less-touristy volition under three hours from Darjeeling, If you’d prefer to be down from the crowds.


Mayapur is laid-back pilgrim megacity with special significance for followers of Lord Krishna. It’s regarded as


The deepwater vill of Mandarmani in East Medinipur locale is positioned at the northern end of the Bay of Bengal.


This melting pot of societies from the Indians, British, Nepalese, and Tibetans is positioned 3 hours down from Darjeeling.


A ocean- side megacity, Digha is an ideal weekend destination from Kolkata. Digha is extremely popular amidst

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