Top 10 Best Restaurants in Kolkata Updated

JW Kitchen

Another gem brought to you by JW Marriott and this time, they will take your taste kids on a trip to North Indian,

In terms of flavours, Fly Kouzina passes with flying colours. The innards are fascinating too! Enter the eatery and sit either

ly Kouzina

MRS. Magpie

Mrs. Magpie, or Sohini Basu to her musketeers, has done a great job with this little place partake down a side road.


Run by the All Bengal Women’s Union, a tone- help group, this lunch canteen has been serving some of the stylish homestyle


Telebhaja, meaning‘fried in canvas’is a definitive part of the Bengali cookery. Bengal, still retaining a conventional delicacy


Jhalmuri is one of the most popular road food plant in every cross roads of Kolkata. This Kolkata road snack made up


Mocambo is one eatery that’s on everyone’s want list. The sizzlers served then are a class piecemeal,

Pa Pa Ya

Sushi trees, jaw-dropping views, elaborate plating, concentrated goodies, and ultramodern scenery-Pa Pa Ya is the ultimate fine.

Aminia, Kolkata

Still, you’ll love the Aminia chain of caffs, If you’re a addict of simplicity. The innards of these caffs are minimalistic

The Bhoj Company

The Bhoj Company is a small eatery that opened in 2012 which serves the authentic Dhakai Bangladeshi Cuisine.

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