Top 10  Auto  Insurance Agencies in US

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1.State Farm

State Farm is that the largest insurer of private autos within the US. The insurer offers insurance, banking products, and loans, which are available through your State Farm agents.

Geico is one of the nation’s largest auto insurance companies and insures quite 28 million vehicles



Progressive is that the third-largest insurance firm within the U.S. With numerous resources at its fingertips, the corporate offers a good range of coverage options.


By offering auto, home, renters, and life assurance policies, Allstate makes it easy to bundle multiple insurance types and earn a reduction.


An insurance provider for military families, USAA offers heavily discounted auto insurance policies to service members with a mean annual savings of $725 once you switch.

6.Liberty Mutual

You can purchase insurance for almost anything through Liberty Mutual, from home insurance to pet insurance.

7.Farmers Insurance Group

As the seventh-largest auto insurer within the U.S., Farmers offers robust insurance policies with an extended list of unique features.


Nationwide offers both personal and business insurance services.

9.American Family

American Family, widely mentioned as AmFam, sells auto, home, life, health, travel, and fraud insurance, alongside other insurance products.


Travelers offer standard auto insurance coverages, also as options to tailor your policy, like rental car coverage, new car replacement, and accident forgiveness.

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